Turtle Recovery Center Update

We had not returned to South Padre Island to visit the Birding Center, or to check on the progress at the Turtle Recovery Center for a couple weeks before our trip, and then the trip, so it’s been well over a month since our last check-in on construction progress.

It wasn’t the most picturesque day when we visited.  The skies look nicer in the photos than they seemed at the time of our visit, and the heat and humidity were up there!  But we enjoyed our visit anyway.

The migratory residents are pretty much all gone now.  But various shorebirds are year round residents, the gators (of course) are year round residents and we’re trying to get to know which species we might be likely to find on any random visit.  If we can get to know the regulars for sure — maybe the periodic visitors will be more realizable when we come upon them!  At least we’re hoping that might work out to be the case.

As you can see the turtle center is coming along nicely.  One building is rising nicely.  There is what might be a waterside theater along the side of the pond on their property.  We’ll keep you posted as more develops but it’s fun to watch things as they progress.  The best part (for now) is that visitors now have places to park.  In the past they had limited roadside parking on a sand or mud clearing (depending on whether it was wet or dry).  There were quite a few visitors on the day of our visit.



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