I’ve been hesitant to write this directly, but I’m tired of normalizing the ridiculous. I don’t want my blog to turn into a political rant, there are too many other wonderful things to write about but I guess this one thing I have to get off my chest.  The election of 2016 is having a greater impact on me than I can even begin to verbalize.  The election aftermath points out, in a torrent of ways that I need to learn to care less about things I have no control over.

This is a lifelong characteristic with me; this issue about control.  I know that. How to change I do not know. Whetherwant to change I do not know.

tumblr_op8v4h1Enw1rvbzr6o1_500Clearly I am offended by the crude, brutal, monster who inhabits the White House.  What I find even more offensive is how 60+ million fellow citizens would vote for a man who stands for nothing except $$$$$ and who has made a life of bullying and abusing others? I have struggled all my life  against my personal pre-disposition against committees and group activities, knowing that is how most of the world functions.  But how 60+ million people could choose to ignore a lifetime of havoc caused by this guy is beyond me. How a party could decide that among 16 potential candidates this one was the one they wanted to represent THEM.  That’s the issue for me.  They chose him to represent THEM.  They took upon themselves HIS character and said to me as a voter — this is a guy you should respect — and I look at them and say there is no way on earth this guy deserves my respect.  There is nothing in him that is worthy of respect, much less my vote.

I’m not a fevered Bernie Sanders supporter.  But when Sanders first published this graphic it caught my eye and I have not been able to block it from my memory.    201705110706141708

I ask you, how does a man conduct himself in such a way as to piss of so many people that he is hit with  3,500 lawsuits?  The mind boggles at the idea.  That amounts to some 50 lawsuits per year!  That’s nearly 1 lawsuit every week.   What kind of life must a man live to generate that much antagonism?

I don’t get it. There are a lot of reasons why his behavior in office has been such a train wreck.  He is a national embarrassment who seems unable to string together a coherent sentence; and even when he hires speech-writers he seems to go off script at the most in-opportune moments, as with the recent confusion between Islamist and Islamic in that highly touted speech of his.

I get hung up on this idea of what kind of life does he live? …. What would people think of YOU, if the net result of how you lived your life was 3500 lawsuits?Shoots Himself in the Foot


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