No more head banging!

With a forecast for 93º today I decided it was a good day to go outside to work! 🙂 No, I’m not completely bonkers; and yes, I did enjoy my project. At the back end of our carport we have a 10′ x 10′ shed.  I absolutely love that it’s underneath the carport and not exposted to the direct sun!  It still gets hot inside, but that shed gets the benefit of twin cooling factors.

  1. It isn’t exposed to direct sun
  2. by blocking the end of the carport the wind is channelled either around the shed (cooling it) or through the shed (secured open windows on the two opposite walls of the shed)

The result:  not a bad place to be when it’s hot and the winds are blowing!

The previous owners must have had a significant amount of storage because when we bought the place there were sturdy shelves along three walls.  That sounds real handy.  And it was.  Sort of….

The problem being that for some reason along one wall (for security reasons I’m not showing images of the inside of the shed) the previous owner built one shelf that stuck out twice as far from the wall as the other storage — and that shelf was about 5 feet off the ground.  That meant that whenever I was working on, or getting something off the floor, or off the lower shelves that I had to duck or squat underneath the upper shelf.

In the first place — getting down in that kind of position and then getting back up is not good for my hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  So, I ought not to be doing that in the first place.  And secondly, no matter how hard I tried, when it came time to stand up I managed to give my noggin a good whack several times.  The solution was obvious.  Get rid of that over-extending shelf.

Here’s where I give props to whomever added that shelf to the shelving that was already there — because from the construction it clearly was an add-on feature.  Everything about it’s design said “easy to add on” and the materials were all different than the original construction.  Still, in under an hour I had the head-banger removed.  Later in the day I also learned (whilst looking for a graphic to go with the word “headbanger” that it must be some kind of motorcycle/music term and all the good graphics had nothing to do with banging one’s head!!!

In not long after that I had rearranged quite a bit in the shed bringing order to chaos and some hope of finding what I am looking for in that lucky addition to our house.

Plant Update

Thus far the new plants are doing fine.  

I do think that before we get ready to put them into the ground (as opposed to being in the planters where they are now) I need to add some actual soil to the mix.  In such extreme heat conditions the potting mixture that the plants came in dries out way too quickly and there really isn’t any substance to it.  I may even disturb the plants before we are ready to put them in permanent locations and ammend the soil whilst they are growing in pots.

These conditions are so different (read that “HARSH”) compared to Wisconsin, I feel like I’m learning everything about gardening all over again from scratch.


We’re getting close to the beginning of June and temps are consistently in the 90’s in the heat of the day.  Overnights are in the 70’s lately — not necessarily the low 70’s either.  So far we’re doing just fine.  I have to say that while a couple of the residents have commented on how tired they are of the blowing wind — that this same wind does wonders to make a person feel more comfortable.  


There seems to be some snafu with the pool.  The camp host isn’t sure if the heater is working at all, or correctly.  Yesterday the water temp was down about 79º which is noticeably chillier than it had been.  I’m sure they’ll sort it out soon enough.   


2 thoughts on “No more head banging!

  1. Very nice setup you have there. Glad you have all that nice shade. Not sure about your pool, but most places we’ve visited “down south” don’t bother to heat their pools at all in the summer months due to the consistently hot days and warm nights. It just makes it a little more difficult to keep the water algae free by what our friends told us that live near Houston.

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    1. I have not investigated the pool situation. So, no more info on that one yet. But I am delighted to be able to rummage around in the shed without doing myself physical damage!

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