The Battle with Sand

One of the realities of living near the Texas coast or South Padre Island is dealing with sand. I love the dunes and the ever-changing patterns that find themselves engraved in the ever shifting piles of silica and other mineral.  But….

The local road maintenance crew of Padre Island has the ongoing problem of dealing with sand blowing over the  only North/South road North of the city, as well as constantly reshaping the beaches and the island itself.

We’ve been on that road a lot of times with varying degrees of sand over-blow or drifting but this is the first time the road has been completely blocked — and the front end loader clearing the road is on the North side of the drifting!

You can see the speed limit sign what is off the side of the road — except as you can see the sign is almost buried in sand!

Momma Nature has her way, doesn’t she!  The “times” that we deal with as humans, even the degrees of “power” that we wield with as humans are infinitesimal as compared with the power and the timeframes that Momma Nature has at her disposal.  From gentle breezes to hurricane force, or the lovely aroma of flowers to the awful stench of decay, or even the power of  a single ant moving grains of sand to the awesome fusion that powers our sun — Momma Nature has at her disposal resources we cannot imagine. Sometimes all we can really do is stand back in wonder.

There are plenty of things to ponder when one lives near the Great Lakes — as we did for most of our lifetime.  But here in South Texas the things to wonder about are altogether different and altogether amazing.  This is our time to do nothing more than absorb.  To realize how little we know about our new surroundings and decide which of them we care to learn more about.


2 thoughts on “The Battle with Sand

    1. Depending on what happens with the climate, there could be a LOT of water on the road. However the dunes are 15 feet at least, so it would take a lot of water to approximate what happens at Fort Pickens, or similar places. This Island is fairly secure in that regard.


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