8 thoughts on “Surreal Real Beauty

  1. I’m hiding the answer to my patent riddle ponder here in your comments. Shh, don’t tell 🙂 It’s the official patent description of the Tarzan yell ( one of only 22 sound patents in America – Pillsbury Dough Boy giggle, NBC chimes, Darth Vader’s voice and Law and Order TV series intro to name a few. 🙂


      • I was thinking about that basic problem when my brain was trying to synthesize those tones. Describing in words what is not a concept or an idea is pretty tough. Aromas, flavors, sounds — they do not lend to objective description! Not at all!



      • For a sound to be given a patent it must be instantly recognizable and associated with a specific product, corporation or creative endeavor. Who knew. 🙂


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