Drought Tolerant Plan-(n/t)-ing

We’re making progress with a garden plan! It’s rather slow progress, but it IS progress.  And I’m not sure if we are planning, or planting, but we’re having fun!  I say that because we are intentionally not putting anything into the GROUND yet.  This area has struggled along with only 2/3 of it’s annual rainfall for the last year.  We have been researching what we hope are drought tolerant plants that will be able to survive (once established) without much (if any) additional water.

When it comes time to put plants in the ground we’re going to have to soak the ground a bit in order to soften it up somewhat — or go at it with a pick — not much fun with temps in the 90’s and more.  Wasting water just to soften the ground isn’t my idea of wisdom and the plants we purchased are all small — so there’s no big deal in letting them grow for a year in containers.  The only “loss” there will be the cost of the containers (if we don’t find other uses for them once we do get them into the ground).

All the plants we bought were grown in local nurseries (or at least that’s what we’ve been told by the vendors and the original containers agree with that).  We went heavy on Lavender and Rosemary — in part because we like them, in part because lavender is grown commercially in Texas, and rosemary loves the Mediterranean climate of Provence — which is similar to what we have here.


Brownsville Precipitation….


by comparison Marseilles precipitation…

On calm cool mornings I’ll move the white gravel away from the front and front-side of the house.  I’ll also pull back or cut the landscape cloth that underlies the gravel to the side so that I can actually DIG when the time comes!  We’ll augment the soil when we’re ready to put the plants in the ground and do our best to place plants in in spots that will welcome water but not accumulate unduly in periodic heavy rains.

I’m hoping that this fall — about the time the Winter Texans are just thinking about returning to Palmdale — that we’ll have enough rain to soften the ground for planting.  🙂  In the meantime we’ll try to help them grow, acclimate to new surroundings, and get happy!



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