Alone, in silence

“Only by going alone in silence,
without baggage,

can one truly get into
the heart of the wilderness.

All other travel is mere dust
and hotels
and baggage
and chatter.”

– John Muir

Self knowledge isn’t the common thing one might expect. But, there are times when our most important life destinations are those to be found within….

And not uncommonly, those destinations involve going alone, in silence, without baggage.

To that end I’m taking my blog “private” for a while. I’m still writing; I have an internal need to write and the process soothes me and organizes in my brain an unorderly world.

My posts for the next foreseeable future.  I may at some point return to public blogging.  When or where I have no idea. Between the insanity in politics and the fact that we are fashioning a completely different life now that we are off the road I find my thoughts — while rational and cogent — are not thoughts I want to share publicly.



4 thoughts on “Alone, in silence

  1. I will miss your blog. Even tho I lurked in the background, I found your blog very enjoyable and rarely missed a post. We retired early just a few years ago in RGV. So I have certainly enjoyed your recent move and new life opportunities. Trust you will continue to enjoy SPI as well!!


    1. At present I have no idea how long I’ll stay in private mode. I’m glad you were along for the ride, even when we stopped “riding” — And rest assured we love our place in the sun here in S. Texas. If you leave your subscription/follow active if I decide to write publicly again you’ll know about it.


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