Home Again…. Finally

A row of newly planted palm trees greeted us on our return

We turned into the drive at Palmdale on Saturday about as originally planned.  Not we had much of a plan, we just sort of guessed we’d be back on that day after the schedule we had planned for the trip.  We’re not much the worse for wear; but I do think that the auto trip served to remind us of the realities of not-traveling-by-RV.

I do not say that with regret — we are not regretting the decision to put the coach up for sale. (It’s still up there in Houston at the PPL lot — some activity but no closed deal as of this writing) What is sinking in is what it was like traveling by auto — a reality that isn’t 100% pleasant no matter how you do it. It seems that age makes itself ever more a partner in our lifetime experiences and that is a reality we all face (unless we die young — an option not all that appealing to most of us).

For example:  sleep is not to be taken for granted.  Our sleep number bed has us spoiled.  I didn’t sleep any of the nights on the road as well as I slept the first night back home.  That’s just my reality.  I’ve been that way all my life — my own bed has always been the place I rest best.  I did sleep, just not as soundly.  And I universally awaken more often during the night as well.  With my present meds regimen at home I can sleep through the night until 4:30 without a trip to the bathroom; on the road in a hotel room I can guarantee that I’ll get up about 12:30 and again about 3:30 — it’s just the way my body seems to work.  And there’s no rhyme nor reason to it.

By the time we returned home I was sick of restaurant food.  I love eating, but I tire of the constant string of restaurants trying to convince me that I want to eat fried-frozen entrees or sandwiches.  There’s more to life than that.  We do a decent job of finding alternative but it does take work and research.

I was surprised to find numerous gas stops with fuel at sub $2.00 levels.  That was a pleasant experience.

So also was our choice to travel as much as rationally possible off the Interstate.  There are exceptions, of course.  Between Milwaukee and St. Louis I’ll probably never take the back roads.  It’s all territory I’ve lived in/near/around my entire life and to be honest it’s just too boring of a trip if we don’t zip through as if it didn’t exist.  But from St. Louis to Los Fresnos we avoided the Interstate as much as possible.

Longterm it might be nice if we could find a different healthcare solution.  I’m going to the best specialist in the country for the health problems I have, and that means 2 trips a year to Milwaukee.  That is not an inexpensive prospect. But we do it because for now warm winters are more valuable to me/us than the cost of two extended trips per year.   How much longer that will continue to be the case we can only wait to experience.


On our return we were happy to see significant changes in the RV resort.  The ash trees that had been removed because of age and related conditions have now been replaced by a row of palms — 13.5 footers by my guess — and the change is lovely.  It really is a “palm dale” now!  I’m sure it will be a challenge to insure they survive; planting such large trees at the beginning of summer in S. Texas will stress them out and I’ve already seen palms at other locations that were planted earlier this year that have succumbed to the dry conditions this winter.

I need to get out in the “yard” to get our newly purchased plants in the ground.  I’ll tackle that in the early morning hours of the next few days.  I’m going to rest for a couple and get back into my “normal life” before I start digging and hoeing.

The results of the trip to the S. Texas Botanical Gardens was a score of a few rosemary plants, and several variety of lavenders.  Both should be drought and heat tolerant enough to survive here without much attention — the kind of gardening I like best. And as an added benefit they are aromatic and the lavenders will attract bees and some butterflies.  We’ll make a trip to the Butterfly Center and find some plants that attract the butterflies and plant those along the sunny South exposure.

So, I’m home, resting and feeling good about life.  Our grand daughter’s wedding was particularly reflective and I’m sure I’ll say a few things about how it affected me after I have that figured out.  Have a great day!


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