Weather, weather and more weather

We left Milwaukee on Tuesday morning intent on making it home in 4 or 5 days.  However, after a delightful drive to St Louis we stopped as planned South of town for the night — and found that the recent heavy rains have caused road closures in the area.  I-44 is closed in both directions in two places.  There are plans to shut down I-55 tonight when there are more rains scheduled.  Furthermore our designated route US-67 also appears to have road closures.

Our plan is to wait till the morning to see what the situation might be then and make up our minds at that time what to do.  We might just hang our here at the hotel for an extra day.

One thought on “Weather, weather and more weather

  1. Safe travels. Weather has been a major problem. We have travel north from Florida. Passing thru AL, TN, KY, WV, PE on our way home to Upstate NY. We have had some weather issues for the whole trip. Be safe and enjoy the journey!!!


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