Another good doctor’s appointment

We’ve been in Milwaukee for 2 days now, and after bloodwork on our first morning, today — the second morning in town — we filled most of the day at the hospital and doctors’ offices.  More than 5 hours after arriving we were done with a mostly good report from numerous tests; a slight adjustment in meds; and a clean bill of health for the next 6 months. The best news was that there’s no change in my condition — always better than being told there’s negative progress.  So, we’re good to go until September!

However, all of that ignores the approaching wedding four days hence…

And what can a fella say when a wedding is approaching?

The women in one’s life have most everything under control  What they haven’ed sorted out the father of the  bride is working on and Gramps is pretty much out of the loop.  Which is just fine with me.  This is a much bigger affair than anything I would want to organize and I’m thoroughly enjoying being on the sidelines for a change.  It’s lovely.  I’m relishing being right where I am.

At this moment I can honestly say there’s not a lot for us to be doing between Wednesday morning and Saturday afternoon — but I’ll just bet that the time will end up filled to overflowing and the hours will fly by.

And that’s why I’m making this a short post.  It’s time for family and friends and I’m spending my family with them, not writing.  🙂  Talk to you in a day or two.


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