Outdoor Clocks at the Pool

The pool here at the RV park is a little sanctuary for me. I don’t have to visit every day; we usually make it over there about 2 or 3 times a week — but just having access to the cooling, refreshing water is something special for me.  Go figure.  I’ve always liked the water but never been big on boats.  We seem to gravitate to lakesides when we travel and we love walking along the shoreline.  I guess on some level the pool is an extension of a lifelong love of water.

Lately the joy has been somewhat stifled by the fact that the poolside clock quit working.  Again.

Upon investigation I realized that the cheap plastic clock on the wall was the same kind of cheap plastic clock most of us would have on our kitchen wall — which is to say there was no protection whatsoever from the weather.  Eventually the clock gets corroded or gunk’ed up and stops working.

Which brought to mind the question, “What makes a clock an outdoor clock”?  And where do you find them?

It turns out that in todays utilitarian society there’s not a lot of difference.  We found one at Lowes advertised as an Indoor/Outdoor clock.  It’s 14” in diameter to all us poor-eyesighted seniors can see what time it is from the pool.  But the only difference I can tell between the indoor clock and the indoor/outdoor clock is a little plastic cup that slips over the mechanism on the back side of the device.

We bought it (on sale for 50% off) and hung it up.  We’ll see how long an “outdoor” clock lasts.  What the heck, life’s too short to get sunburned just because you don’t know how long you’ve been out in the sun!

On quite another tack, I’ve been interested all the way through the season to notice how many/how few make use of the pool.  During the peak season there were plenty days when there might have been 18 in the pool at any one time — and much of the time even fewer  — but with a park that has 200 sites that seems a small number!  Lately we are down to 6 or 8 of us at any one time — and for us that’s only about 1 hour a day.

This time of year there’s no need for a pool heater — the water is staying quite warm with the heater turned off.  We’re told that later in the summer it will be like bath water — which was told us with a note of disgust — but personally, it sounds quite delightful! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Outdoor Clocks at the Pool

    1. Linda — you’re probably right — but the thing about sensory opinions is that they are so subjective. “bath water” might be a hugely different thing to different people. I notice that when we go to the pool Peggy & I often have very different opinions of how “warm” the water might be — and a big factor in our rating has to do with the amount of WIND presently blowing on our skin — and not on the water at all. :-\


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