1400 sites… imagine it… 1400 sites!

The talk of the park recently centered on a couple who were going to be wintering in a different park next season.  You know how it goes, when there’s an opportunity to gossip some folks are always going to lap it up and so they did.  When I heard how big this park was I was flabbergasted.  I mean, 1400 RV’s and mobile homes and park models all in one little complex — that’s a little city.  When we lived in Swanton Ohio it was smaller than the combined population of an RV park with 1400 sites!

We had to take a drive through — just out of curiosity. And one thing we learned for sure — are we glad we didn’t buy a home there!  Yikes.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion and to live their life the way they want.  I don’t mind at all that there should be an RV park with 1400 sites.  Some people obviously like being in the thick of things.  A lot of folks seem to like the bevy of activities and the abundance of facilities that only such a large park can provide. And all the more power to them!  But, it’s not for me.

For one thing the sites themselves were cheek by jowl on top of  each other.  You literally backed your RV up to the back of the RV on the opposite side of the block (back to back).  And there wasn’t much room between sites (side to side) either.  But they had tennis courts and a dance hall and lots of activities.  Great.  To each their own.

You can find almost anything you want down here in the Rio Grande Valley — there are some 500 RV parks.  Some are small — as few as 30-40 sites.  Others, like this one we visited, are humongous. Many are individually owned, but there are a growing number of corporate owned parks all of which have certain common features.  And a lot of the local area parks are busy, full even.  There’s something for everyone.  But there’s still plenty of room for new RV’ers.  And gratefully our park is small, it’s bound in on 4 sides so there’s no growth possible.  Just the way I like it!


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