100 Miles to Where?

The past week has seen a busier Peter & Peggy than has been true the last couple months.  Seems we’ve been getting caught up on some of the chasing around and getting-settled-in sort of stuff that goes along with living in one place for a while.  Thursday was a good example.  We drove over 100 miles and I don’t know where we went.

No — we aren’t getting that forgetful.  But it’s funny the way you can be out running errands and put on a lot of miles without even realizing it.

While the coach is up in Houston on the consignment lot we have started thinking about life after RV’ing and part of that consideration relates to our aging CR-V.

A Subaru Engine:  Along with researching new cars, it seems I’m also learning about all the changes in automotive design in the past 15 years.  sigh.

With a 14 year old car, and not having stepped into a car dealership to seriously look at vehicles, we have a lot of catching up to do.  Buying/trading vehicles has never been a fun part of my life.

We’ve also been visiting the home improvement stores.  I know that I bought a small pruning shear last summer but I’ll be doggone if I haven’t been able to find it. So, we bought “another” one.  We’ll see if the first one ever shows up, or whether we might have left it behind at some campsite and it never appears in the shed. Our neighbor had an ash tree cut down last weekend (the roots were interfering with the porch of their mobile home) and when the tree trimmers left there were some branches that needed cutting.  It actually felt good to be outside trimming plants. I have missed gardening during our time on the road.orchid tree blossoms

That tree that needed pruning is an orchid tree. It’s not something we saw in Wisconsin, and we have come to love them down here.  They bloom and flower all winter long, and now, when other trees are leafing out, the orchid tree is losing it’s leaves and blooms and beginning it’s cycle all over again.  It’s like the crazy tree is 1/2 a year out of sync with the rest of the world.

At any rate, we are hoping our neighbor doesn’t decide to cut down the orchid tree too.  It sits on the opposite corner of this lot — scant inches from our lot line and I love that tree.  It has not been well cared for over the years for one thing, as a result it has three trunks (two of which are supporting tree, one of which is cut off two feet from the ground and so close to one of the other trunks that it’s probably sharing bark with the second trunk — you can’t see between them).  The fact that the tree wants to grow in clumps and it’s being forced to grow upright means that it will always be a pruning-hog;  plants that are being trained to behave exceptionally always are in need of pruning it seems.

raised bedsWhile chasing around doing other things I have begun thinking that one of my yard solutions might be a little raised bed on the South exposure.  The soil is so crummy here, lots of caliche.  But I might find a little area for herbs and with the help of some 2 x 10’s just make myself a little raised herb garden.  We’ll see what we get up to when we get back form Milwaukee.

I’ve also been working on images again. This time for a friend and their website.  I’ve been of mixed mind about photography for a long while.  While it put bread on the table for a few years and I enjoyed what I was doing I have really felt very little need to document things as I had before.  I’m not sure whether my morning writing is the culprit or if I’m just seeing so many mediocre images in so many places that I’ve come to the conclusion that the world already has enough images.  Anyway, it felt good to work on them.  Lots of luminosity adjustments which are remarkably simple to make if you have the right software and make a huge difference in the image.

Anyway…. It’s been a good couple days.  (Which sounds as if most day’s aren’t good, but they are — it’s just something to talk about.)  These times when less is going on obviously and visibly are always great time for ideas to percolate down to the proper level and erupt as fully conceived projects so I’m happy for the quiet times.  They have been some of my most formative times in life.


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