Hodge Podge

It’s the last day of March.  The sun is shining and the prospects for the day are wonderful.

The past week has seen a mass exodus by the seasonal residents, it’s getting to be pretty empty and quiet down here.  That said, yesterday we were sitting out under the carport after our morning walk and Peggy said to me, “I like sitting out here now.”  I’m not the only one who doesn’t like too much commotion! 🙂

Our friends from a couple years ago stopped by to pepper us with questions.  They too are having problems with the RV style refrigerator!  Well, more than problems — it quit.  Period.  So, the question of what questions to ask and how to go about replacing a RV style refrigerator with a residential refrigerator came to the fore once again.

On reflection, I can’t understand how an RV can know that you are getting ready to go some place and choose precisely that time to break, fail, malfunction!  I might not have highlighted that often enough when we were still RV’ing!  It is uncanny how frequently it will happen that you’ll be happily enjoying life in one campground and about the time you start getting ready to leave something goes kaflooey!  For us it was the refrigerator, multiple times, the microwave, and most recently the automatic entry step.  Sometimes it will happen while you are traveling — so you face the decision whether to get something done — if you can even find a shop with an available service bay in the next 3 weeks — or wait until you reach your destination (assuming you’re safe to move the RV).  It truly is a wonderment how your RV will know your plans!

If I return for a minute to the subject of an emptying out RV park it’s because at this time those who remain seem to focus their conversations around who’s leaving and how soon.  There are two of us couples who have recently purchased homes here, and who anticipate staying through the summer or for part of the summer. The year-rounders are all helpful with advice and suggestions — but more than that you can tell how many of them truly miss the hubbub of the winter season.  Loneliness can be a terrible thing and some people just need more human contact than others.

We are having a Easter Pot Luck dinner among the few year-rounders.  We don’t usually do the pot luck meals;  I’m trying to watch my weight — can’t say I’m losing weight, I seem to have plateaued in recent months — or else I’ve lost my motivation to “be a good boy.” But we decided that with fewer of us in the park it’s a good thing if we participate with those who are here.

We got out and about for a pleasant 1/2 day’s drive yesterday.  We have not been doing much exploring this year.  Now that my projects list has shrunk down to a scant few items — all of which are inconsequential bits — I feel more like snooping around.  We took Military Road — part of the time it’s US-281 and runs along the border wall — and enjoyed seeing the agriculture.  Plenty of corn and cabbage in the fields now.  Sprouts of things like radishes and carrots can be seen topping over the furrows.  And of course fields of sugar cane returning to life after being cut to the ground.  It’s a time for regrowth and rejuvenation and ploughing and spraying and the farm fields are active with multiple activities. With a year round growing season you can see harvesting going on alongside planting and spraying!

We even took time to get a burger out at a restaurant.  I say that because it’s actually a rarity for us to order burgers in a restaurant.  I mean, let’s face it:  you can always make a better burger at home than what you’re going to get in a restaurant.  90% of restaurants rely upon factory made burgers with some beef, some beef byproducts and strictly controlled fat content.  It will be a rare day when you’re going to get fresh beef, or some mixture of meats,  and controlled amounts of fat added for flavor.  You probably aren’t going to get grill marks, or the flavor they produce — you’re much more likely to have your burger grilled on a flattop to a uniform “gray.”   We stopped at a place called the Ranch House in Mission.  It’s just a little hole in the wall strip mall place but TripAdvisor gave it good marks and we gave ‘em a try.  Neither of us is apt to order burger, usually opting for something resembling an entree but word was the burgers were good and we both tried on of their specialty burgers.  Good choice.  With attentive wait staff, reasonably quick service, and a top notch burger we left sated.  Sometimes you just get a craving!

Not an exciting day, but an infinitely pleasant one.  The goal is to see if the rest of the Rio Grande Valley feels as much like home as our little Los Fresnos area.  This will take some time to explore and poke around the communities but you have to do this anywhere you live, so we’re getting started….

P.S.:  I had a call from the State of Texas.  We still have not received the title on our home.  Two weeks ago we made a trip to the real estate agent’s office to take care of one detail they had been unaware of — something that resulted when Los Fresnos annexed the property the RV park sits on into the city.  No one else had bought/sold in the park since then and the agent was unaware of a new requirement by the county.  Anyway… after the phone call, and a call to the agent I think we’ll finally have a title en route to us shortly.  I’ve said it before, doing business in Texas is a world of difference from doing business in Wisconsin.


2 thoughts on “Hodge Podge

  1. I liken the mass exodus to the end of a college winter semester. I would stay at school all summer, which was just fine with me. No crowds and just a pleasant atmosphere. When the masses and craziness returned in the fall, I was saying to myself “get off my campus!” 😉

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    1. LOL — Yeah, I know the feeling!

      I guess that was why I worked for myself most of my life. I could arrange a schedule where contact with customers/suppliers was at my own convenience, except for photographing weddings and I was selective about how many of those I contracted to do.

      This is really an interesting time for us. Unlike anything we’ve lived through before. There’s not as much to write about, but to me it’s far more interesting to live through — which is part 2 to the answer to your private question about unlinking — it’s just something quite undefinable.


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