It’s not Exciting — part 2

I want to continue my thoughts about the “Garden Question.” The space available to us is rather limited.  The lot is 40 x 90 and the home plus the carport occupy almost all of that space.  So, it’s really just these two spaces that we could use for any kind of plantings at all.  I have yet to attempt digging into the hard pack earth underneath the stones.  I think “I’m building up my courage” — which is really another way of saying I’m putting it off.  It’s going to be one of those dig a little, soak a little, dig a little more sort of things.

For the fun of it I walked around and snapped some very rudimentary shots of other plantings.  For the most part the full time homes here are around the outside ring of the park.  And not all of the outside ring is occupied by mobile homes.  But here’s a sampling of what’s here now.


As you can see, there’s a variety of approaches to “making the place your own.”  To be honest, the one that always struck me the most — it just appeals to me, is the one with the two trailer height palms in front of it.  However, that would not do for us.  That trailer is shorter than ours and sits further back on the property, allowing a little more room for roots.

I know that palms have very compact root balls but our next door neighbor is having to remove an ash tree that sits in similar space because the roots are reaping havoc on their front porch.  Coincidently, when we were here  two years ago we really liked that house and thought about buying it — these folks did buy it a few months later — and the feature we liked about it was that it had a front living room and then a pair of french doors and an open porch on the end of the house where you could put a couple chairs or a glider and sit and watch the foot traffic go by…. it’s a really lovely arrangement.  But at the time we weren’t ready and now I like what we have as an alternative even better than that one.

The point I wanted to make about the plantings is that there are some more obviously Northern style plantings  — and they are having mixed success.  The plantings that are tailored exclusively to Texas plants are doing quite well, are hardy, insistent even.  If we wanted to do oleander we could cut a couple twigs and they would root themselves.  Soon we’d have a hardy plant.  Not sure if that is what I want to do though.  For one thing oleander will continue spreading.  For another I don’t want a garden that’s going to require lots of maintenance.  For one thing I don’t know how long we’ll be here.  And I don’t want to have to be out in the heat actually working.  It would be nice to have some color if it can be had easily! (I’m so lazy)

You’ll notice there’s one lot that looks twice as large as the others.  I suspect that was the original owners lot and it is a double lot.  The only one like it in the park.  They have a lovely garden — and they are quite often out there working on it — in the heat.  Not my thing. 🙂



6 thoughts on “It’s not Exciting — part 2

  1. Well, the roots won’t play havoc on your trailer, as it is on blocks. The nice thing about the small space is that a little goes a long way, and it is easier to maintain. Once the initial digging is done, it will be a breeze!


    1. Funny, that some ideas are sort of settling out, but other aspects seem foggier than ever. But definitely don’t want to create a maintenance headache should we decide this is only going to be our Winter home, and be gone all summer.


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  2. Glad to see you are settling in for the summer and the future.

    We are starting to slowly pack up here in Rockport to go back to Northern Minnesota, taking three weeks to “camp” our way there. We have some neat plants that stay here when we leave and return to the same site next October, maybe some would work for you. One of them is a spineless cactus, others are society garlic and “spider” plants. We dug “wild” lantana plants out of the surrounding woods and they will eventually become beautiful shrubs that flower and attract butterflies. Other plants have a reserved seat in the back of the truck and make the trip back and forth with us.

    We have seen RV ;parks (posh parks) in Florida where people “make the place their own” by having their driveways painted with shell designs or wave designs and the like. Quite stunning but don’t know how well they hold up to sun and tires.

    We’ve settled in here, a little like you, having made changes to our rented site that we will have to either leave or sell once we no longer come down for the winter. With permission from the park we built a 12 X 12 deck on which we placed a round Casita screen house. Also tore out our old rickety hand me down deck and stairs and built a 6 X 6 entry deck with sturdy railing and stairs. Finally, erected a Lifetime vinyl shed behind out 5th wheel to hold all the stuff we leave here like lawn furniture, grill and THE GOLF CART WE BOUGHT!

    The park is large and with a lot of activities. We often have to drag along food, drink and lawn chairs to some events and my guitar music stuff and amplifier to other events. Using our full sized diesel truck for a 5 minute one way drive wasn’t very good for it. A friend quit golfing and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. What fun to drive around and visit friends on the far side of the park.

    It’s been a great winter and we hope to have many more here.

    Really enjoy your postings, let us know how the summer goes.


    1. Haven’t heard from you in a while and have been wondering how long before you headed North. Some of our friends are on their way to Rockport as I write. They’ll only be in the area for 4 nights but they’re on their way West after wintering in FL.

      Right now I can’t bring myself to plant cacti. It’s just a mental thing. Maybe in a year or two. But with luck we’ll find other better (better to me) plants to put in the ground and by then they’ll be established and I won’t want to take them out of the ground. 🙂

      A few people here do the same, and one year-round resident also baby-sits some folks plants — she’s a very active 83 year old!

      Lantana are nice. I’m familiar with them. We have a lot of oleander here too. Supposed to be easy to propagate but I’m not sure I WANT oleander….

      I’ve seen the painted driveways but like you… wonder how well they hold up. With some of the new paints and epoxies now available they might be quite long lasting but we’re still thinking about that. Peg was thinking/talking about tromp l’oile (sp?) on the front of the home, and I was thinking about painting the entry door — we used to have a modern art door at our school (beige,blue,red) but not sure I want to do the same here. Though, the door is under the carport and would not be exposed to bright sun.

      Two years ago a couple of the Winter Texans spent most of the winter building stairs and landings for various residents. We have a nice 4 x 8 platform in front of the entry door accessed by two sets of stairs — one front and one back. Not sure if that got built at the same time or not, but it’s lovely for groceries! And because it’s under the carport we put down carpet tile squares to slough off the dirt before entering.

      Folks on the opposite side of the park — we see them straight across the park down the street that intersects with ours — put in a 10” high platform for a canvas gazebo like you describe. The metal frame stays from year to year and they put up the canvas when they arrive and take it down when they leave. It’s quite nice. Seeing as almost all our site is occupied by either the house or the carport we don’t have to worry about building structures unless we either think we need a bigger shed than the 10 x 10 one we have, or decide to put in a Florida room (which I see no likelihood of). Several folks have done that, but it’s not our style and with the shed where it is, a florida room would’n’t fit right. And I like having room for 3 cars even though we only have the one.

      Lots of carts here too. Drivers are worse than car drivers though. Some of these old folks are a hazard! They really don’t look where they are driving — too busy looking at the houses/sites on either side of the road. Gimme a break!

      I don’t see getting a cart for a while. Right now we like to walk too much. And Peggy is quite the walking addict. Without her walk she get’s quite testy! (well, not exactly but testy-for-HER)

      Lots of pot lucks here too. Sunday evening is ice cream, Monday pot luck, Friday happy hour, there are birthday meals and group resto trips — most of which we have avoided this year as I’m still trying desperately to lose some weight and I’d be 10 pounds heavier if we did all those. And folks here understand that we have to do what we have to do — and we’re still friendly with everyone so it’s not like we’re really shunning anyone or being standoffish — just that we have things we have to do.

      We’ve had some action on the coach but no one has pulled the trigger yet with a firm deal …. still being patient. But I talked to PPL just yesterday and they think we’re in good shape and just have to find the right buyer.

      Safe travels back home. We have a few more people leaving this weekend and I think after that we’re pretty well down to the year-rounders. Have to see WHO that ends up being. we’re still struggling getting people and names straight in our heads!



  3. I’m not a gardener so my most successful one was a driftwood garden with changing potted plants. We hauled the biggest piece of driftwood back to Minnesota from California on the trailer hitch of our tent trailer. The one we hauled home from the north shore of Lake Superior didn’t have to travel as far. The potted plants came inside during the winter while the driftwood made interesting snow sculptures.

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    1. Linda, Isn’t that the great part about this world. We can all “garden” or “cook” or just find a life that fits US individually!

      I’ve seen all sorts of garden/yard decorations. Including the guy in our home town of Cudahy who has a cadillac but in half and buried in the front yard, and fire hydrants and a big fiberglass shark attached to his garage!

      Some decorations are clearly superior to others…. but then it’s all about individual expression, right? 🙂



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