It’s not exciting, but it’s life

Today is Sunday.  The conversation around the pool is all about the folks leaving.  5 couples left yesterday, several more will be leaving today and tomorrow.  The end of March is a big Spring departure time and the others of us who are staying into the summer seem to take particular notice of all the leavings.  Life will be very quiet — we’re being told — very soon.   I’m looking forward to the quiet.  I must be weird.

We had about 20 folks in the pool during the afternoon.  A few would come and stay, then leave, then others would come and stay for a while then leave.  We only ever stay for an hour or so, spending the afternoon at the pool is not something that I ever do; a good soak, a little time to dry off and then back to some other activity.

Each day I get a little something organized or put away.  Sometimes I spend some time just sitting there looking at a piece of furniture or some category of “stuff” we have wondering where might be a better home for it to live — or whether I should just trash it.  Just like trying to find places in our second RV for those things that seemed to have an ideal place to live in the first RV — now in a house there are things that haven’t yet found their true home, and continue floating around until they do.  One day at a time.  We’ll get it all eventually.

One of the smoke detectors in the house bit the dust.  Keeps giving a low battery warning even though the battery has been changed.  I went out to buy a replacement wired detector and discovered it’s a different world and there are other things to look for — like making sure you have the correct connectors.  But, the thing that really caught my eye was the clever and oh-so-slow-in-coming idea of putting the receptacle for the backup battery in the front cover so you can replace the battery without taking the detector off the wall.  WHY, oh why has no one thought of that before this?  Excellent idea!

While at Home Depot shopping for the detector we looked at the garden center.  I’m still not ready for planting — we should probably wait a full year before we decide on serious in-the-ground plantings.  However…  we saw drought tolerant Lavenders and Rosemary and with my love of lavender and the fact that no one else is growing either of those here in the park it might be a way of having a distinctive look — so, while we haven’t taken action — we might have the beginnings of a plan.  Stay tuned for more….

We were actually quite successful growing both of those plants in Wisconsin. Of course we grew different varieties than what are available here.  I’m sure the varieties that were hardy in Wisconsin would not tolerate the heat here, but still, it was lovely to be in the garden and smell the aroma of lavender and rosemary.  (I really should have lived in Provence.)  And I’m sure that the right varieties here will grow to much more substantial plants than we had in Wisconsin.  Hibiscus are really popular in the park, as well as cactus, and palms.  I’m not sure this Northern boy can ever truly embrace growing cactii — you realize he speaketh metaphorically, as he is not about to embrace any cactus literally.  One of our neighbors has a very nice display — but we don’t have that much room.

The available space issue is our biggest challenge.  We have a narrow strip in front of the house, and a narrow strip along one side, and that’s it.  The small area behind the house isn’t suitable and it’s a ceded access area for utilities.  Still thoughts going on, but that’s how we get to the destination… plotting out the steps along the way.





2 thoughts on “It’s not exciting, but it’s life

  1. If you like lavender and are looking for drought-tolerant plants, consider Russian sage as well. Similar look, but RS will grow twice as tall as the lavender and it blooms for a very long season with absolutely no care required (except maybe tying it back or staking). Bees & butterflies love it!


    1. The Russian Sage idea is good, but to be honest, the thing about lavender is the aroma — not so much the flowers. And lavender does attract bees. But we’re still “thinking.” And we intentionally wanted to wait till we returned from the Northern wedding around the middle of May before putting anything into the ground that might need post-planting watering. Doesn’t make sense to plant and then abandon, you know what I mean! 🙂

      We had Russian Sage in our WI yard. I’m not sure if I’m overdosed on it. {which doesn’t make sense because we had a lot of lavender too but I didn’t overdose on that — so go figure. 🙂 }



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