Prairies & Lakes

Day two of our trip north was designed (primarily) to stay away from Houston.  We both hate big cities and … More

Spring Delights

Living in South Texas means that a lover of lush, luxuriant old hardwood trees like myself is going to find … More

Pop the Clutch

In a certain way I feel like I’m sitting in a powerful car on the drag-a-way  and I’m revving the … More

100 Miles to Where?

The past week has seen a busier Peter & Peggy than has been true the last couple months.  Seems we’ve … More

Where I am

Today is Tax Deadline day.  Maybe on a day when folks are pre-occupied with responsibilities to the Tax Man I’ll … More

Hodge Podge

It’s the last day of March.  The sun is shining and the prospects for the day are wonderful. The past … More

How to Behave?

In the last couple years it seems that the Christian Right has become notorious, perhaps even moreso thas the evangelical preachers who make … More

I wish I had the right word

The last little season of time has been something really amazing to me.  I’ve been channeling some frustrations and challenges … More

The Big Tuna

Meet “The Big Tuna”, a character on the series Face Off inspired by the real life gangster Tony “Big Tuna” … More


When I was younger, and a bit of a speed demon, I not only liked driving fast I also liked … More


At the moment we are having a little situation going on that involves waiting.  I’ve never been good at waiting.  I’m … More