The Turtle Recovery Center Starts Construction on a New Home

If you’ve been to South Padre Island and you haven’t been to the Turtle Recovery Center you’ve missed an ecological treat.  But if you go right now you’ll also find a bit of a mess.  The center is a month or so into a wonderful expansion that will improve their services,  provide housing for their interns and volunteers, and also provide much needed parking.

This project was to have begun some time ago but after a gift of matching funds the opportunity presented to upgrade the modest expansion they had planned and the new plans are phenomenal!  As with a lot of projects here the completion date is a bit sketchy but we saw them concrete pumping with a vengeance so I know that they are well and truly on their way.

I’ll try to keep you posted as the project carries on.  But I was super excited to see the changes.

We’ve not been going to ‘the island’ over the 30 or 45 days — not because we got tired of it, simply because we’ve been busy with loads of other projects.  Getting over here a couple days after Texas Week on the island — that week out of the year when it’s mostly Texas college kids celebrating Spring Break — is like visiting a war zone after an armistice.  The week before there were over 100,000 college kids here.  Which meant drunkenness and debauchery.  The air banners being towed through the airspace around the Island celebrated condoms and alcohol — many of both of which were sold in abundance!  However, this week the quiet pace of the barrier island returns to normal and it’s once again a delightful place to spend time.  There are a few weeks per year when pandemonium reigns — were there not I suspect the local community would be hard pressed to survive.  But vacationers and revelers keep the tax rate lower and they are only a nuisance for a few days each year.

That said, as a guy who avoids crowds and events, I was surprised by the appearance of mobile mass casualty units.  I suppose you have to have them but the sight of them reminded me of why it is that I stay away from mass attended events.  Still and all, now that we are spending time here I suspect we’ll see more of that if we’re here during a hurricane.


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