Disconnect Intended

I’m about to disconnect the auto-post to Facebook from my blog.  I’ve been blogging fairly consistently on WordPress since November of 2007.  Before that I ran my own server and self-hosted a blog.  Some years ago when hacking got to be enough of a problem, I quit self-hosting and joined the world of WordPress.com where they provide the host site and I just write!

Almost 6 years ago when retirement loomed on the horizon as a real opportunity I renamed this blog Life Unscripted, even though the address has remained the same since 2007.  I’ve been quite happy to bring you all along on our travels but I’ve never been bashful about admitting that I write more for my own sanity than for public consumption, and that writing is what writers do.   It’s a compulsion whether or not it’s about anyone else in the world.

I’ve come to the conclusion that having decided to get off the road as RV’ers this blog needs to change.  And because we aren’t going to be traveling (as much) there’s not as much reason to keep everyone informed about what’s up with us.  Some 555 of you subscribe now by email, and another 350+ get your updates from the WordPress Reader, so most of the folks who care about where we are are already getting the news they want in some other way.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to pull the plug on the WordPress link and even though I’ll continue writing the posts won’t automatically appear on my FB feed.  If you want to follow along you can subscribe to the blog directly and get an email in your mailbox, or you can find us on the WordPress Reader and subscribe that way.  It’s time to simplify.  And in part I want to reduce my presence on Facebook.

The thing about RV’ing as a lifestyle is that there is always something to be done, or something to plan, or something to think about planning.  I wouldn’t try to count the evenings I spent with maps and handy guides like our Camping with the Corps of Engineers reference book whilst I dreamed about the places we were going or considering adding to our itinerary.

But settling into a home in South Texas isn’t the end of things for us.  We are trying to figure out what we’re going to do with the other 1/2 year annually — because I really think that after this trial summer in Los Fresnos we’re going to look for a summertime options up North.

I think this change in our lifestyle will force changes to this blog and to how often I publish. I will continue writing at the same address:  https://ppazucha.wordpress.com but I don’t know at what frequency. I may continue posting daily but make some of the posts private such that you won’t see them even if you are subscribed. That might salve my writer’s heart — giving me an outlet — without boring people with topics they don’t care about.  We’ll see.

If you’ve been following along for any length of time you’ll know that you can’t always anticipate where I’m going with a comment or a blog post — maybe it’s time for the whole blog to go that way.

Anyway…. tomorrow I’ll pull the plug on the Facebook link.  If you want to follow along on our journey either subscribe through the blog or through WordPress.  Thanks for being part of my life for a while.



6 thoughts on “Disconnect Intended

  1. Peter, you always have something valuable to say, and I look forward to your blog posts! My interest has always been more about your thoughts rather than your travels!

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    1. Hey Liz, thanks for the roses.

      I’ve come to realize that the audience @ Facebook is just a different audience. I doubt my ‘thoughts’ will change but some of the folks whom I wanted to reach when we were moving around a lot don’t need to be informed about stationary us. 🙂



    1. Linda, you get our blog via WordPress or a blog reader, right?

      We aren’t Facebook friends — and the link to Facebook which automatically posts each post to my Facebook feed is the only thing that will change.

      Sorry if I confused anyone.

      Thanks for your concern.


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