Home again, naturally.

Tuesday morning and we’re back home again — without an RV.  Sigh.  Feels strange.  Of course nothing’s changed until the coach is actually SOLD but for only the second time in 5 years we are away from our coach and it does feel weird.

In keeping with the weird feeling, I felt this song, about consequences and choices was good to keep the mood light.  And now, it’s not the song “Home again, naturally.” That didn’t suit my mood.

After our appointment — which took less than an hour — we made a stop at the Houston Whole Food Market for a loaf of sourdough bread.  I browsed the cheese aisle with over 100 different cheeses to choose from I couldn’t find anything that suited my mood — which tells you what sort of mood I was in….

A quick run past the IKEA store in Katy to pick up some picture frames (Hey — if you are only 10 minutes from the store and 16 x 20 frames are only ten bucks, sure I’m gonna stop!) and browse around a different store.  Funny how they are all different and all alike!  I will say, however, that for a city the size of Houston the IKEA store (or to be specific, the parking lot) is actually quite small!

Our contrary winds from the day before kept blowing in the same direction, so the contrary winds became favorable winds and we arrived back home before dark — just barely.  It’ going to take me three months to get used to the new time again — I don’t know why my body seems to rebel against daylight savings time — we can travel through time zones and I seem to adjust to that quite nicely.  But spring ahead or fall back and my body clock has conniptions!

The new iPod battery performed flawlessly.  Peggy has been waiting for the new battery and for me to re-sync the iPod to my music collection so she could listen to the Statler Brothers (she’s a sucker for a male bass voice) — and we listened and sang for a couple hundred miles — sore throats all around this morning!

The only unplanned part of the trip was that I picked up a replacement table top for my office.  I wasn’t happy with the makeshift top I had from Home Depot, and I have a use for that piece of wood anyway — so a more sizable and delightfully cheap pre-finished table top made the trip south with us and I’ll be putting that on the base later today.  I really wonder, sometimes, how they can manufacture and transport things that cheaply and still end up with a product that lasts and lasts and lasts.  I know some of the knock-down particle board stuff doesn’t tolerate a lot of rough use, but we have things from them that have lasted a couple decades already and from the little we paid for them when new they were extreme bargains.

Still ahead for us…  It’s tax season… as you all know.  I’m giving myself a couple days to think about nice things before tackling last year’s taxes… ugh.


2 thoughts on “Home again, naturally.

    1. You’re right about that Jim. In 5 1/2 years we hung 2 things in our coach — both small plaques. But in our past life we have always had a lot of art and images hanging. In fact when we were looking for houses we always told our Agent that we needed a house with a lot of walls — meaning walls upon which art could be hung, because some houses are not conducive to display!

      In this past week the new place has gotten to feel more like home than in the previous 3 months. Just little things that were able to make a difference.


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