Re Balancing

A few weeks ago I changed the template for my blog.  It was time — I’d grown bored with the old template and it oftentimes substituted a different image than the one I had picked as Feature Image. It so happens that the new theme is named “Rebalance.”  

Since then I’ve been wondering whether the choice of theme is really indicative of where we are in our Life Unscripted and whether the obvious emphasis on RV’ing — specifically FULL TIME RV’ING — is due to be changed/abandoned/rethought.

Even though we have a lot of knowledge, lessons and anecdotes that we could share I’m the first one to realize that every day we are not out there moving from place to place, making campsite reservations, dealing with RV repair shops, etc., our information becomes more dated.  I’m the first one to tell you that if you need information make sure it’s current.  The U.S. Highway map that was perfectly acceptable 5 years ago is absolutely of no value today — and your confidence in tips and tricks that are dated should be discarded in the same way.

We are now … well, I don’t know what we are.

To recap: our RV is up for sale, we have a mobile home here in South Texas but we aren’t thinking we will be full time Texas residents, so we are keeping our options open about what we’ll do during the traditional summer months — so we aren’t really seasonal travelers yet, and we aren’t RV’ers exactly— even though we live in a RV resort/park.

Over the past 4 months the emphasis in my blog has changed and it’s not done changing yet — I don’t think.  If you’ve been along for the ride up till now and you are still out there kickin’ on down the road then I understand if you have gotten bored and want to move on to some blog that better suits your needs.  I have no intention to stop blogging, but my topics are bound to change over time. Please don’t be surprised.  I’m not going to write as if I was an expert on something I’m no longer part of.

We’ll still do some traveling. My mind isn’t about to slow down. I’ll still have things to think about about and ideas to share.  They just won’t focus on RV’ing.

We’re supposed to get the coach carpeting steam cleaned today. As I writ this it’s raining hippos and elephants.  I hope they still can come and do the job.  We’re supposed to leave here in 48 hours for Houston.  It’s always something with RV’ing; little things going wrong, or not going as expected. That’s life in an RV. However, we already cancelled one appointment to deliver the coach to Houston, I don’t want to reschedule again. This was the earliest appointment we could get for the coach carpeting.  I suppose I could have allowed more time after the carpet appointment before scheduling the transfer to Houston but frankly I wanted to do it over the weekend so we avoided the Houston weekday traffic.  We’ll see what happens later this afternoon. Maybe they will do the job tomorrow if not today.


2 thoughts on “Re Balancing

  1. My humble opinion is that you’ve earned your RV wings and are allowed to weigh in on the subject whenever you please, Peter…especially since you live in such close proximity to them. It’s fun to see your take on life after fulltime RVing. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jim. I have to say that the entire rhythm of life is different now. And other changes are going to come — I’ve pretty much decided that. When RV’ing there’s a definite cycle that’s repeated over and over again: planning, research, reservations, tearing down, driving, short overnights, setting up and start all over again. Now we’re relieved of that and with that comes a ‘smaller’ world and circle of activities. (that is NOT a complaint — just a fact)

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