No Anything

It just dawned on me.  For once in our lives there is no regular clattering of the train track.  We are too far away from the airport to hear any planes but the single engine private jobs that you could hear anywhere. Ambulance sirens are a rarity — when we do here one it’s coming to help someone here in the RV park.  I don’t think I’ve heard a police siren in 4 months.  And trucks — well, there are trucks on State Highway 100, and at the Stripes station on the corner — but they are mostly passing by on straight and level roads so we rarely hear the whine of turbochargers or see the black cloud of exhaust from juiced diesels.

We’re 10 to 15 miles away from most of the services we might want — but not in the middle of anything!

We’re 10 to 15 miles away from most of the services we might want — but not in the middle of anything!

There were a lot of things we didn’t exactly “think” about when we decided this house was the right one for us.  I can’t say we weren’t conscious of these things; I think the only reason we even looked at the house was because the aforementioned facts were already filed away in my mental filing cabinet from our previous visit to S. Texas.

That does not mean that I don’t give thanks almost every day for what we’ve found here.  It may not be for everyone; and we may not be here for 20 or 30 years; but it’s right for us in the present and I’m thankful. I’m also thankful that we found this house this year rather than in a year or two.

Ted the owner of the park has plans for this place and everyone has been happy to see the step-by-step progressions towards his hoped for final product.  All season there’s been a string of improvements.  Now that the biggest drawback of the park is no more — the road reconstruction and repaving is now a mere memory peace and harmony has returned to the property.  Well, mostly so.  If you have a group of people there will always be a few with gripes and moans — but for the most part it’s a happy, congenial group.

I should say that while I’m enjoying mostly rural feeling here that there’s a lot more going on than I ever seem to write about.  For people who like activities the winter time activities director does a good job of filling in the calendar with musical events and card playing and shuffleboard and exercise classes (dry and in the pool).  If you need more activity, then other parks in the area hold public events just as we do.  You can find them advertised on billboards near the gate to the park.  This past Saturday we had a public craft show and there were a few cars in and out of the park because of it.  Our once-a-week jam session brings in visiting musicians from around the area every Monday afternoon.  And it’s an interesting sensation to be in the pool — adjacent to the clubhouse — and hear the “song stylings” of a bunch of geezers like one’s self. 😎 😱 😇 😂

Just because we don’t participate in all that stuff doesn’t mean it’s not worth engaging in.  It’s just not who we are and that’s something I have to compliment the folks here in the park about.  Numerous folks have tried to encourage our participation — gently.  No one has been arm twisting or shaming us.  They’ve offered, assessed our lack of interest and continued to be just as friendly.  It hasn’t been an ‘either you do this or else’ situation.  We’ve been free to do as we choose and still feel just as welcome.  Part of me thinks in time we may just be more a part of the group but for now we need just what we are doing.  It’s been a blessing to be able to just be ourselves.

It’s good to be thankful.  We had great fun for 5 years RV’ing around.  We’re having great fun now.  I wonder what we’ll be doing in another month or two.  Part of me feels as if our nesting is sort of winding down.  I wonder if we’ll go back to being more adventurous, or if having a home now if we will be content to just be here. I have no idea what will win out — or for how long?

Thanks for stopping.  I’ll be here again tomorrow. Why not stop by and say hi!


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