Office Recombobulation

Yesterday Peggy came into my office while the room was thrown helter-skelter and offered this condolence:  “I liked this house because it finally gave you a place where you can work without being disturbed and look what’s happened:  the whole house is sorted out and the last room to get any attention is your office.”  I just smiled and reassured her that my first priority was that she be happy in her new home and that’s the way I feel.  It doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been delaying tackling this project until now and I guess it’s time to bite the bullet But the office is still in a state of upset.

In the ‘old days’ I’d have laid out the whole office on paper before I moved piece #1 — this time I’m winging it!

In the ‘old days’ I’d have laid out the whole office on paper before I moved piece #1 — this time I’m winging it!

This is one room I’m not going to post photos of:

  1. It’s my private space
  2. It’s always messy
  3. Furniture still isn’t in it’s longterm place and to be brutally honest, I’m not sure there  will ever be a permanent place for anything.  The very nature of my office has always been “A State of Flux”

— but let me say that this home decoration is completely different from any we’ve done previously.


You know my friend “State of Flux” don’t you? That condition where things effortlessly flow into available space just like water fills the low spots and solder fills the holes between two pieces of metal!

In the past I’ve always wanted my space to be just a little more ‘finished’ than what has become my apparent goal for this house in South Texas.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like nice things. In the past Peg & I have looked long and hard for just the right pieces; we literally combed every furniture store in a 50 mile area in search of just the right piece to go here or there… but that seems a lifetime ago and I haven’t the foggiest idea why we were so particular.  Somehow, when I was working, I was willing to work hard for those extra special ’nice’ things.

This home, and I suspect a lot of the mobile homes in S. Texas fit into a different category. People arrive here looking for a different “kind” of home than they would if they were back where they came from.  Here they want what amounts to a “vacation home” regardless how much time they plan on spending here.  They want easy move in, minimal hauling of possessions with them each year, and a more basic approach to life.  I think that applies to us as well.

  1. We acknowledge that this is a short term solution — a few years — maybe more, maybe less.
  2. Many mobile homes sold down here are sold furnishings complete — down to plates, silverware, and shelving
  3. We have approached our decorating with equal attention to ease and light weight than we ever would have done our younger days.

I don’t have a fancy office but I use it a lot.  And I like to play with images (which I haven’t been doing much for the last 5 years) so even in the coach we hauled a lot of electronics with us.  Most of it is getting older — aren’t we all. 😃☺️😜  My point being that like any other electronic installation there are wires galore and a lot of electronic heat.  What I did in the coach simply isn’t a good long terms solution — It was fairly common for my Time Machines to say they were overheating.

Apple Time Machines are great!

Apple Time Machines are great!

Surprisingly they never let me down; but every time that monitor light went from green to yellow I got nervous.  So, it was important this time around to make sure that there was more air circulation and more SPACE around all those little boxes.  It’s also the reason I insisted on a ceiling fan in this room too.  I don’t need the “cool” to sleep, but my good old friends my computers needed to be comfortable too!

48 hours after that comment from Peggy I can say that the office is functional.  With my “good” office chair from Milwaukee, some shelves, and drawers I can retreat to that room and tinker, and think, and ponder — happily.  Oh, there are still a few things that aren’t settled.  They’ll come along as I use the room.  I’ve never been afraid to tweak things.

And you know what?  I didn’t even need a measuring tape.  The room, as visualized in my head, came together pretty much as hoped.  Feelin’ good.

Ok, that’s enough glowing about what’s basically “just a room.”  Thanks for stopping,  tomorrow will be about something completely different.  So, why not stop and see what we’re up to!


4 thoughts on “Office Recombobulation

  1. I still measure and draw plans but now those plans are drawn on a computer. Our newest place is small enough that’s there’s really only one way to arrange the furniture so I guess I’m done until I move into the care center and I don’t think I get to arrange it.

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    1. Linda — it’s those places that try to tell me that “there’s only one way” — that I love the most. It’s a challenge you see. Like telling a teenager not to do something. If I look at it and it seems there’s only one way I’m gonna be bound and determined to find another solution. It’s about innovation, and creativity, and bullheadedness to be sure.


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