Here a fan, there a fan, everywhere a fan

While the world was preparing to listen to the President I had more important things to be done.  Installing ceiling fans.  ceiling-fan-cartoonThe one thing missing in the house when we bought it was / were ceiling fans — to be specific, in the two bedrooms we use regularly (our bedroom and my office).

I rarely buy from Lowes, but our Lowes store in Brownsville seemed to have a much better selection of ceiling fans than the Home Depot so we ended up over there to do our shopping.  With a pitched ceiling we weren’t sure how long of a down-rod we were going to need but in the end it turns out that a standard 4 inch drop was all we needed so I get to return the 12 inch rods we bought just in case.


I found it interesting that mobile home manufacturers are no different than other factory manufacturers:  they don’t seem to do two similar operations the same way.  The two bedrooms are 60 feet apart but the boxes, the wiring, everything about the ceiling fixture in each room was different.  Fortunately I had enough tools to cut bolts to size and get the installs done in a reasonably short time but I had a good chuckle along the way.

It really is amazing the difference a little moving air makes in a person’s comfort.  We’re definitely on the warming side of winter, and this has been a mild winter — or I should say a warm winter even by S. Texas standards.  Now that we have been hitting near 90 most days it feels good having that extra bit of circulation.  And at night the air movement in the bedroom is all we need to assure a more pleasant night’s

Fortunately, I won’t have to resort to Ms Clark’s protest methods as it gets warmer.  Which I mention only because they used to have a humorous sign in the pool area about swimming suits being required — and since the new pool fence has been put up that sign hasn’t been re-installed.  I’m sure that’s not an encouragement to skinny dip — they are waiting for the fencing to dry out before painting it!  And I’m sure they’ll re-hang a sign in time.  But I saw the cartoon and it tickled me — so there! 🙂

Quiet day here.  Thanks for stopping and I’ll be here again tomorrow, please stop and see what’s up.



2 thoughts on “Here a fan, there a fan, everywhere a fan

    1. Oh Normcorpsman that would be too easy. If I have to figure it out you should too. 🙂

      But in all seriousness I have to say that the instructions were infinitely BETTER than instructions I’ve seen for other products.

      I have noticed lately that my dad was right when he said I have a one-track-mind. So many times I say to myself after I’ve finished a thing, why didn’t I take pictures of that? And here I used to get paid for TAKING pictures. Goes to show you how retirement and the idea of “quitting work” can take over your brain and have your forgetting long-established patterns of behavior. Peggy went through the same thing after retirement. Wasn’t long after she left AHC that she couldn’t remember any of the terms and computer screens that had been her daily life for 34 years. Human brains are funny…..


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