Back in Nesting Mode

nesting-modeHaving returned from Milwaukee with a car full of our in-storage belongings time has arrived to figure out what to do with some of the things we brought back with us.  I say that because it was a bit of a surprise to find some of the things in storage that we thought we had sold off, and were surprised by what we had packed together in the same boxes, and surprised by what would fit in the back of a CR-V!

With Michael’s 5000 sq ft shop and a few sections of industrial shelving the details of what we had put into storage got a bit vague over the years.  The thing is that we were never present when all that we stored got put onto shelves; nor have we been present at any of the three or four occasions when Michael decided to reconfigure the storage area and took it on himself to move what we had stored with them!  I spent the better part of an afternoon feeling like a child on the strangest Christmas morning of my life!

Out of respect I didn’t take pictures of the experience.  It was way too brutal to want to share.  But we did come away with some treasures.  Not the least of which was my desk chair which now sits happily in my office (It’s my butt and my back that are happiest — this is a much more comfortable chair than the one we had for the coach).  We brought back some occasional tables thinking they would be taller than the ones that came with the house.  Alas that proved not to be true — so now we have a superfluity of small tables.  I brought back my 30 inch Apple Monitor but my laptop doesn’t have enough memory to drive both the internal retina display and the large screen, so I have hooked the 30 inch monitor to my file server and at least I no longer have to screen share off the laptop to see what’s going on with the server.  Kind of overkill and I think in the long run the screen will return to Milwaukee and I’ll just buy a smaller, more appropriate screen for the server.  Even trying to drive just one screen is hard work for the little MAC Mini!

We brought back a bunch of photos — so in the next few weeks we’ll get some frames and start hanging some art on the walls — once we figure out how we want to hang stuff from the popcorn covered walls in the living room.  I think I’m going to prefer to scrape off the popcorn texture and use command strips rather than making holes in the mobile home walls.

I have been reunited with my Cuisinart and Kitchenaid.  Haven’t used them yet — but give me time — we’ve only been home for 48 hours!  I’m wanting to make up a batch of pierogi using that recipe with potatoes in the dough.

There were a few other kitchen items that came south with us and we still face the question of how to use flat surfaces for storage — bookshelves or something more creative.  It all gives us something to think about in the wee hours of the morning or while we are walking our nice new roads.

We made it into the pool the first two days after returning home.  Water is a huge attraction for me.  I don’t need to spend much time each day or each time we hit the pool — I’m quite happy if I’ve spent an hour and then I’m ready to go on to something else.  It’s just the idea that it’s there and accessible, I guess.

I will say this about our trip.  Being cold — even in unseasonably warm temperatures — really re-assures me that this is the right place for us to be for a time. How long, is anyone’s guess.  But for right now.  This is something we need — or I need.


6 thoughts on “Back in Nesting Mode

    1. Dave, don’t bet on that one — you’d lose. We have been slow about acting — seems so many things need doing and have come before selling the coach — but it’s gonna happen.

      This past trip — while I brings to light various aspects of travel by car that we had pretty much forgotten about — doesn’t change our overall state of mind. And “she who must be obeyed” has had us busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs with the new house — so I’m way behind ‘my schedule’ of things I’d like to get done. Oh well. At least we’re both healthy-ish.


  1. Glad you have been reunited with your Kitchenaid and your Cuisinart – not sure how you got along without them! I couldn’t. Not sure what model Cuisinart you have, but you might want to check to see if you have the one for which the blade has been recalled. Takes a long time to get the new blade. Have fun with your toys!

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    1. Liz — I should probably have replaced my Cuisinart long years ago — it’s an old, old, old model that looks a wreck but still works like a champ. I’m afraid a new one would never last as long.
      Living with them has been one of the challenges of a Life Unscripted. 🙂


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