Gotta Respect the Pig

20170223175553001We hurried back to Los Fresnos for a tasty reason.  Every year the residents of the park put on a “hog roast”.  It’s partly for fun and partly for charity. Thursday was the day and we didn’t want to miss it.

Palmdale RV Resort’s clubhouse holds 200 people (the park has only 200 sites) and the hog roast organizers make roughly 16 whole pork shoulders (sorry — they don’t actually roast a WHOLE hog)  or about 150 lbs (before cooking) of pig.  The smoking is done by a coterie of experienced pit masters; they divvy up the meat into three or four smokers and get to work SLOOOOOOO-cooking all that heavenly pork.

The menu this year was pulled pork (with the usual fixings – pickles, onions, buns), a very nice vinegar based coleslaw made by one of the residents (including green olives — an interesting twist) and spicy baked beans. There were the obligatory desserts-to-make-you-fat after the meal and every year the tickets sell out pronto.  We were fortunate that the crappies selling the tickets knew we wanted to attend — so when we returned on the second day of sales and found we were tickets 173 and 174 I wasn’t surprised to hear that the 200 tickets were all sold a little while later.

I don’t know what other parks do, but we have a little thing here we called “50-50’s”.  In exchange for $5.00 you get an arms length worth of raffle tickets.  At the end of an event a ticket is pulled from the bingo cage and whomever wins gets 1/2 or 50% of the take for that raffle.  The 50-50 from the hog roast was a nice $250+ — not a bad door prize.  Throughout the winter season we have a variety of 50-50 events and at the end of the season the excess is donated to a couple local charities — including the local EMT squad which makes a goodly number of trips here each year.

It’s good that they hold the number at the legal limit for occupancy in that clubhouse — any more really wouldn’t be safe — but it’s a grand time and I have to say that folks here love to chat, and it doesn’t hurt that the BYOB sometimes loosens those hesitant to converse so that no one feels left out.  These are great folks here — the people are the biggest part of the reason we considered buying our house here.  Lots of parks claim to be sociable — we’ve never found one quite as “real” about their sociability as the gang here at Palmdale.  You don’t have cliques. Oh, there’s a little gossip, show me any place where 10 people get together and there ISN’T any gossip.  But the people are good hearted and kind and it’s really a great place to be.

Ok — my tummy is full.  I need a nap.  All Y’all have a great day, thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here again to chat tomorrow. 🙂


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