Revving up those high speed brain cells

I’m convinced that we have brain cells that only function when you’re in a car, traveling at high speed!   Surely it must be true because after a couple days of highway travels I get all sorts of good ideas that never occur to me when I’m sitting still in my office or even when I am walking a verdant pathway with my sweetheart.  There must be specialized brain cells that only do their job when we are moving quickly!brain_cells_2

The realization came on our travels South when an “obvious” solution to an annoying little retirement question just popped into my brain.  It’s something I’ve been pondering about for months in my spare time — and in time you’ll all know what it was — but for now I’ll just say that sometimes you have a problem and any solution seems just beyond the tip of your fingers, just a little harder than you can find strength to solve, just a little more complex than your brain can handle at the time — and in reality the solution can be quite simple.


light bulb moments really can be illuminating!

If a brain synapse is something like a highway junction where the electrical impulses in our brain meet and collide with other brain impulses from other directions in the brain then why it is that we have such a hard time finding the junction so that we can return to it time and time again doesn’t make sense.  I mean, it’s not like we have to move cubic yards of dirt so we can lay down a wider highway — like going from a golf cart track to a four lane highway — our brains aren’t that large!!!!!

All I know is that on Wednesday we (the two of us) finally came to a realization about how to proceed about our coach and other long term decisions with a clarity that had been absent.  That’s a good sign!  And now, just perhaps, the little hiatus we’ve been taking in Los Fresnos can move forward.

As details work themselves out I’ll share them; but suffice it to say that we are moving forward again after a few months of stagnation.  thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here again tomorrow if you want to stop by and chat.



2 thoughts on “Revving up those high speed brain cells

    1. “Revelation” may not be the right word. LOL Sometimes solutions are simple and obvious and we are overlooking them in our (make that MY) search for a more elegant solution. But I’ll share when the time is right as things unfold.

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