A Few Days in Milwaukee

The way this “visit” from Kathryn is working out we not only had her company while she was in Texas, and en route back to Milwaukee, we also get to spend a few days in town — trying to figure out where the “old” Milwaukee went. You know that saying “You can’t go back,” well this time around it seems there have been more changes than ever in a shorter time.

On the plus side:

  • we went through our stored belongings and loaded up the CR-V for the trip back home.
  • Peggy attended the wedding shower
  • we were present to help with furniture moving, party prep, and cleanup
  • we had pizza with a longtime friend from Aurora Health Care — always a treat to reconnect with old friends
  • nearly got lost on the newly reconfigured Interstate TWICE:  seems some of the repaving projects that were underway have been finished and every time we go someplace the exits or entrances have changed (not all of them — just the ones we seem to be using this trip).
  • did research about possible hotels to stay at on future visits.


    Mel and Edi the deaf cat getting table set up for the shower

In other words it’s been a good trip.

We did get caught up on Mel’s plans and activities.  They put in an offer on a home that they didn’t get. (Oh well, it’s not the worst thing in the world to look at MORE houses rather than fewer ones.) We learned more about their honeymoon plans to Iceland, & France.  And about her experiences learning to downhill ski. Life is full for the young couple and that’s a good thing.  Work is going well; she likes the new employer and she seems quite happy in her life right now.  We’re both glad.img_4854-170218

We’ll be in town until Monday morning and head South then.  There’s another rain front coming through and we may get wet all over again but hey… rain you don’t have to shovel and water is always better than ice!

Our trip North was through Dallas and Missouri.  The trip South we won’t be sure of until Monday morning (I’m writing on Saturday) but I think I want to route through Arkansas for a change.  It’s wet along the coast so I-55 to I-10 is out of the question for this trip.  But I really want to explore some route that avoids both Houston and Dallas.  They’re there, I just need to try one or two of them. feb20

Also, we’re taking an extra day for the trip on the return home; parts of 4 days instead of three.  I really don’t care for 500+ mile days any more.

So, that gets you caught up for now.  Thanks for stopping and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat if you want to stop by and say hi!



3 thoughts on “A Few Days in Milwaukee

    1. LOL — at the moment I may whine and moan a little about how tired my butt gets whilst driving, but that never stops me from making the trips. And you’re right about memories happening. Family really IS the most important thing in life; and it’s up to us to respect it as such — if we can’t be with each other a lot — then it behoves us to make up for time with the quality of what we invest in the time we do have — and I don’t mean just spending money. Really being there with our loved ones is what matters most.



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