A Visit too Short

It’s been a very delightful but quick visit here in Los Fresnos with Kathryn. She arrived in Texas a week ago, and we picked her up from a cousin’s house four days into her stay. The drive from Galveston was marred by a speeding ticket — she may never want to drive in Texas again — and we all had a nice visit here at the house.img_4724-170211

Today, Sunday, we bring to a conclusion our stay at the house. We head North towards Hill Country for a quick swing through that area so that she can see a little more of the diversity of Texas before we head North to Milwaukee to return her home, to attend our Grand-One’s wedding shower, and the collect some of our belongings for transport back to Texas.


While she’s been here we’ve been balancing the desire to see and do with the need to chill ad relax.  After all, this is part of her annual work vacation and even though she’s an avid traveler and adventurer she does need to decompress and simply relax too — so we took a good part of our time here to do just that.  16602742_1295606120500299_6853904619679941862_n-170211The weather was ideal for our needs and the pool called our names!

We also made a point of hitting the sea turtle rescue facility — something none of us had seen to date and it was both thrilling and saddening at the same time. While it was encouraging to see the good work a few staff and a lot of volunteers do, it was saddening to realize how frequently we humans put these ancient creatures at risk.  It was wonderful to see rehabilitated turtles, but when their injuries arise because of propeller gouges or because the turtles become hopelessly entangled in fishing line one wants to know why our relationship with nature can’t be less destructive.

If you haven’t been to the sea turtle rescue facility, please take the time to do so on your next visit to South Padre Island.  The facility asks only a small donation — of course larger donations are always welcome and the money does support their work.  As I read through the “patient summary” for some of the turtles — evidently the HIPPA rules don’t apply to turtles — I was interested to see that laser treatments featured prominently in the care package — even ancient turtles have entered the 21st Century.

The next few posts will be from the road as we make our way through Texas.  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be here tomorrow to chat, why not stop in and say hi!


5 thoughts on “A Visit too Short

  1. Love the picture of Kathryn in the pool!

    Living in Florida, we get to experience the best side of sea turtles…the hatchings. From spring till fall you will see signs posted in every condo about the laws regarding lighting at night in the home and on the beaches.


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