On the road again!

Our daughter arrived in Austin on Friday night.  She spent a day or two with a friend there; then she spent some time with her cousin in Galveston and Tuesday we left the house early in the A.M. for the trip to Galveston.

While we were in that direction I wanted to stop at PPL Motor Homes in Houston — might was well check them out while we were nearby.  After a quick run through we spent the rest of the day with family.  It was lovely.  We were treated to a lovely meal.  We were entertained by the school stories of the three kids in the family ( 8th grade and down) — reminded of what life was like when Katy was young and glad to know that when she was young life was a lot simpler!

In the morning we met up with the adults and Katy for breakfast before heading South to Los Fresnos once again.  We’ll be enjoying her company for a few days.

I have to say that we were surprised by the large number of law enforcement we saw out on the road on the trips North and South.  Last year (it was last year when we did our last driving around) we had been seeing very few cops out on the road in general.  But this trip it seemed that every single community had not one but several cars out on the highway doing speed enforcement.  It really reminded me of the days 20 or 30 years ago when all the little towns had their speed traps.  I used to run I-75 through Georgia quite a bit and the town of Cartersville — among many others — grew famous for it’s unwavering devotion to precise speed measurement and enforcement.  The trip made me wonder if the state of Texas thinks they are going to have to pay for that border wall all by themselves?

On the Interstate it’s easy to set my cruise at one or two under the limit and just chug along hour after hour — US-77 & US-59 are not Interstate highways (duh) so there are numerous up’s and down’s in speed — a  body does well to pay attention as we saw a lot of Texans and snowbirds pulled over. I enjoy taking the non-Interstate highways, but in Texas one does have to watch the small towns!kolaches

If you have never been to a Bucee’s fuel stop, you really do need to do so when you’re in their area (sort of Dallas to Houston to Austin) — here’s a station with 112 fuel pumps — all AUTO (cuz there’s big signs that say NO 18 WHEELERS).  You can buy fuel, food (hot and cold), clothing, and even bbq grills!  It’s an institution and in many of the locations they sell freshly made kolache  (an eastern european treat) img_4830-170213

Thanks for stopping, and I’ll be here to chat tomorrow.  Why not stop in and say hi!


2 thoughts on “On the road again!

  1. I remember you telling me about Bucee’s last year, and I was amazed when I saw them. We will check them out again soon!

    I wonder if the police presence has anything to do with an increased pressure on illegal immigrants. Just speculating.

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    1. Not sure about the police issue. There are ALWAYS plenty of CBP vehicles out but they don’t bother anyone unless you look suspicious (goody, goody for profiling he says sarcastically); the cops have been out doing traffic enforcement. Leaving TX the numbers of cops went down again to something more predictable through MO, IL, WI. Might just be a TX thing.

      Incidentally, they have police, sheriff’s, constables, state police and separate ‘state police’ with game warden also on the side of the car. Not sure the purview of “Constable”.

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