We made our bed, now we lie in it

I got tired waiting.  That’s not 100% accurate but it’s true.  Sometimes easier really is better.

The off again, on again trip with furniture ended up — wisely — being off again so the idea of waiting for our bed (in storage up north) finally bit the dust and we looked at alternatives.    I don’t know about you but the biggest single factor contributing to how well I function as a human being in sleep.  We’ve been using the full sized bed that came with the house, supplemented by a better mattress for a couple months but with my size the two of us have never gotten along very well on this size mattress and we were jonesing for our queen bed.

The thing is that we (rightly) see our stay here as a limited term engagement and we see no reason to spend a lot of money on posh furniture.  What we need is a simple solution that we can leave behind when we sell the home (most of these in-place mobile homes are sold with furniture it seems) and it’s not like we are going to need something that is built like a tank and able to survive multiple house-moves.

We had a lovely IKEA bed.  But even 6 years ago when we retired we recognized that it was a little bit low — literally — and hard to get out of.  With the changing world of mattresses — mattresses as much as 20 inches thick — the idea of finding a bed frame that would sit high enough off the floor to be suitable for our senior citizen knees had us thinking real hard.

Fortunately, neither of us is all that critical about interior design.  We’ve never hired an interior designer,  we may have fussily searched for ‘just the right’ furniture (in our estimation) but we aren’t the sort to be bound by fashion or rules. Our surroundings don’t have to be anything in particular. We lived with a waterbed frame for the better part of 30 years — the water mattress gave out, or should I say leaked out, so we replaced it with a conventional mattress and the bed frame was just fine.

The IKEA bed was a economical solution to the winter we had to re-furnish our last house when the original real estate sale fizzled and we found ourselves house-sitting through another Wisconsin winter.  We didn’t spend a lot of money on it, but we liked it enough that we thought when we did set up housekeeping once more we’d use it again.  And we still plan to do that when the eventuality arises that we find ourselves once more in Wisconsin — which I’m sure will happen.  For now, though, it’s not happening.  I don’t see us renting a truck to haul what we have in storage in Milwaukee —the rental + fuel costs would be higher than the value of the belongings.  False economy there.

So we started looking for options.  We did get a lesson in cross-culture realities…

I haven’t been shopping in a Wisconsin store for bedroom furniture in a long time but bedroom shopping here has revealed some interesting tastes in furniture — none of which we cared for.  Our new place is reasonably large — heck, it’s LARGE at 1050 sq ft.  The master bedroom could handle a king size bed if we wanted one.  What we found when we started looking at new furniture though was that people here — perhaps people everywhere but we only looked HERE — like big, bulky, often glitzy furniture!posh-bedroom-suite

I don’t want a fantasy room.  I just want to go to sleep.  Plus, there’s the fact that the house came with some dressers and storage and where do we go with what we decide to discard — if we were to get an entire bedroom suite?  The more we looked at what was available — and how heavy it was to move about — the more we liked the idea of light weight, simple — just a bed FRAME.

Most of the frames we found were low to the ground — all fine if you use the conventional mattress and box spring approach, but we’ve given up on box springs and we like our 8 inch Sleep Number bed. — so how to find a frame for a thin mattress?

Most of the frames stand 7 to 11 inches off the floor.  That’s can be a long way down to bend your knees depending on what sits on top of the frame. We finally found a metal frame that is 18 inches high providing room underneath for storage and enough vertical height that we can put a topper on top of the frame (really just to protect the inflated mattress) and our mattress on top of that. simple-frame I splurged on 2 sheets of flooring underlay because the top of the frame is quite open — not like multiple slats on top of the frame.  The cost of the plywood protection was less than the cost of a dust ruffle — not a big deal at all.

We can now put the bed that came with the house in the guest room. Katy will have a place to sleep when she gets here (just yesterday she texted and asked whether the new house had a sleeper sofa — she didn’t realize she’d have a real bed when she came to visit)!

There remain a few things to be done before we would say we’re completely moved in:

  • In my office I have a lamp sitting on top of a 5 foot ladder because I haven’t yet found either a low table or a floor lamp.
  • We haven’t hung any pictures on the walls — we might bring some oil paintings down from Wisconsin, or I might print up some of my own images to hang.
  • Now that we aren’t going to be hauling furniture down, I need to make some provisions for storage in the office — table or drawer units or bookshelf.

But that’s really all we need to do yet.

We have not decided on any outside projects.  We could have some potted plants, for sure, but we know nothing about growing plants in this heat and humidity so we plan to wait until we’ve lived through the summer heat to make any decisions there.  In the mean time we are paying attention to what kind of things our neighbors are growing.  And listening.  We’ve been told that potted plants need some thermal insulation if they are kept through the summer ON CONCRETE:  the concrete heats up the bottom of the pot and cooks the root system.  We would not have known that had a neighbor not said something.  Neighbors are good!

Oh, I should say we haven’t decided  on any outdoor projects.  Peggy wants to paint palm trees on either side of the window on the front of the house — troupe l’ceil.  I’m not sure how crazy she wants to get, but hey…. you only live once. 🙂

Wish me luck. 🙂

Thanks for stopping and I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.




4 thoughts on “We made our bed, now we lie in it

  1. There should be a local nursery who can advise you on some local flora that might fit the bill for sprucing up around the outside of the house… I am always a fan of collecting seeds from interesting looking native plants that I find in my hikes. You know they are tolerant of the seasons. (Great advice from your neighbor, too!)

    I love Peg’s concept for the wall art! Great idea!

    Congrats on finding the bedframe! And enjoy your daughter’s visit!

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