Another year older

I grew up listening to this…

It’s actually a fond memory — from back in the days when songs had real melodies and actual lyrics you could sing without embarrassment.

It’s an interesting concept though … what do you get at the end of a day’s work?  As the calendar ticks over another year of life today I have to say I’ve been luck for much of my life to have jobs that took me places — mentally and physically.  At the end of most days I could look back and feel that I accomplished something.  Not always what I’d hoped for at sunrise; but usually enough not to feel that all I did that day was go further into debt!

There’s another aspect of this song that gets to me.  Life needn’t be so filled with embellishments that you can’t find the main theme.  It seems there are so many notes in todays music, so much action in today’s movies that the message gets lost.  I’m sure that’s because the people who fund entertainment are convinced (possibly rightly so) that the world has a short attention span.  But I’m still the guy who likes face shots and closeups and honest-to-goodness-dialogue.

When computers first came out — my first was a Kaypro with absolutely zero graphic capability — I realized from the get-go that there was this immediate urge to make things LOOK better.  I embraced justified text — for the sake of good looks.  I found that I wrote and rewrote to a that paragraphs would form better on the page.  It was hard not to become obsessed with the graphic aspect of what computers could generate — even when the first computers weren’t designed for anything more than capturing data:  words, numbers, etc..

When I got my first Apple Computer — I actually won it at a showing of 2001: A Space Odyssey (there was a card attached to the bottom of my theater seat — the only time in my life that I have won ANYTHING) — I don’t think I realized how much time I would spend learning to format pages and make the look better (perhaps) thats they sounded!!!

I really wonder, today, how much of what I see in public around me is done more for appearance than for content.  Businesses take perfectly good corporate names that have served them well for decades and change them to made up words that mean nothing.  I see advertising for products I can’t imagine that anyone would ever want — and yet they sell millions of them.  I accept that I’m out-of-time in the sense that I’m not keeping up with the trends; but then I’m also glad I don’t have to.  Some of them (perhaps a lot of them) seem silly to me today.

I’m glad I’m entering into another year.  I’m not ready to “shuffle off this mortal coil.”  I don’t feel any different than I ever did.  Funny how we grow older in body but our mind refuses to accept the concept of change.

Well, I’d better toddle on along for now.  Enough maudlin “getting older” stuff.  We got things to do and people to see and places to go — all to keep my mind off the birthday cake I’m not going to eat today.  Cheers; have a great day;  talk to you tomorrow. 🙂birthday cake


9 thoughts on “Another year older

  1. I was singing that song just a few days ago. We must be the same generation.

    I rarely eat grains anymore but I make an exception for special occasions; it needs to be a GOOD cake, though–like carrot cake which, at least, has vegetables in it. 🙂

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  2. Biggest, brightest and warmest birthday wishes.Always remember age is a state of mind. Where you came from, experiences witnessed and things you’ve seen enrich you – where you’re going is an unscripted symphony. Age is irrelevant,substance is the measure of a man – you my friend have substance to burn. Happy birthday. 🙂

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