Time among the birds the easy way

Monday, while the road crew was working and in anticipation of being in a position where we could get out of the park if we wanted, but with a little more fuss and bother than usual, we decided to make another trip to South Padre Island and the Birding Center there.

I’ve been lazy about carrying cameras with me but I wanted to make a point of showing you that this is a.) a reasonable sized complex in which to go birding and b.) it’s handicap accessible for those with mobility problems.   The fee is $5.00 per person, or you can get an annual pass or a short term.

img_4537-170123There is plenty of wildlife here, not only birds but aquatic animals and reptiles as well.img_4536-170123  I’m not a huge fan of panorama photography but I wanted to make the point that the refuge extends 180º towards the gulf and there are 3000 some feet of ADA accessible boardwalk.

I get tired carrying around my 500 mm lens so I experimented on Monday by taking a 70-200 zoom that I don’t use nearly as often as I once did and a 2X coupler — just to see if I could still handhold higher magnification shots instead of also dragging my carbon fiber tripod.

We were onsite about 1/2 way through the tide cycle so there weren’t as many birds as you’d find at low tide — when the shorebirds have better hunting — but it was a nice enough day, and it’s always pleasant being there.  For me, it’s an easy way of enjoying part of a day.  One of the national wildlife refuges might get me more sightings but at this point in life I’m glad to have “easy” once in a while.

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One thought on “Time among the birds the easy way

  1. In my travels, I’ve seen some birding areas along the Gulf…check out the Rockport/Fulton and Goose Island areas… I am not a birder, but I have noticed that they have good locations. Google them to see if they’re up your alley of interest?


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