What to do about dust

I’m rethinking my attitude about dust.  Out of the past week I think we’ve had high (25+ mph) winds for about four of them and that doesn’t seem to be all that unusual.  The wind does blow like a son-of-a-gun down here.

The day I was waiting for the contractors to come around an oil the pavement I was at the back of the car doing some or another and I realized that in the previous 24 hours we had accumulated a layer of sand particles almost 1/8 inch deep on the crevices around the car window.  Our 2004 CR-V is too old for me to worry about sand damage to the paint but it got me thinking.

Fortunately, the house itself is quite well sealed.  We get very little dust on surfaces indoors, I changed the furnace filter after we moved in and the previous one wasn’t too bad; but I did increase the filter capacity by one notch.  This mobile home furnace isn’t designed for high filtration but by going up one notch we are now filtering for allergens as well as dust.  filter-charger

I came across a product I’ve never used called Filter Charger.  I haven’t broken down yet and tried it.  Not sure if I will.  But the idea is intriguing:  apply a tacky film to the filter element and capture more dust and particles than otherwise.  It sounds like an interesting idea but frankly I don’t like using aerosols if I can avoid it.  I just don’t think they are the best thing for the environment — or for my health.  I wonder if any reader is using this stuff.

Rather than wage an all out battle on dust — a fairly common occurrence wherever you live — I’d rather try to live with fewer flat surfaces on which to capture dust.  Sometimes — for a guy who likes to drink coffee all over the house — and other beverages as appropriate — tables seem a necessary part of life.  For too long my dear wife has lived on her nerves’ edge because of my tendency to balance cups with hot coffee on upholstered chair arms. We don’t often eat in the living room chairs — specially not that our dining area is open plan to the lounge — but I can’t seem to give up drinking wherever I happen to be (even before the doctor started ragging on me about staying hydrated!).   I haven’t split in a number of years, and it’s so much easier than reaching way-over-there to the table. I guess I’m just uncouth.  (But at least I’m hydrated!)

The awareness of dust has made me a bit more aware of the noise differences between living in a home and living in an RV.  I didn’t think much about it when we were fulltiming.  Living in an RV one is definitely  closer to nature than we are now in a manufactured home. That applies to climate control, lighting, smells, and sounds.  I kind of miss hearing the owls at night — of course there aren’t any owls here, but there are other birds and we don’t hear much of them — partly because we don’t keep the windows open very much — because of THE WIND. 🙂

Another difference that is being noticed window-tint— at first I don’t think we cued in on it — is the fact that all our windows have tint-film on them.  The reasoning is obvious:  the summers are hot here — the tint reduces heat transmission — voila — cooler home.  Of course that means that the inside of your house is also darker.  Not terribly so; but noticeably.

I was aware at the time we bought the house that the full length carport on the North side of the house reduced the amount of interior light, and I brought it to Peg’s attention before we bought.  She’s a bit more sensitive to lack-of-light than I am and I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t feel like she was living in a cave once we moved in.  And so far all is good.  (If we really didn’t like it we could peel off the cling-film) Most of the time I quite like the diminished brightness; only time will tell how much difference it provides in the heat.

Enough for today.  I’m going to go out and walk on the new roads! Thanks for stopping; check in tomorrow to see what we get up to.


8 thoughts on “What to do about dust

  1. Welcome to my world! I have this ongoing battle trying to keep my car clean between the rain and the sand. I can wash it one day and by that afternoon it looks as if it needs a wash again. 😦

    The tint does definitely help in keeping it cool. The problem you run into is once the house heats up from the sun, it’s very hard to cool it down again in a timely manner. You could try removing the tint on the carport side of the windows…there should be very little direct sun from that side…if you decide you want more light. Also, light tunnels are very effective at adding lots of light with very little sun/heat coming through.

    My thoughts on the spray for the filter…it will clog up the natural flow of air in the filter…being a dust magnet is not as good as having clean filtered air. 😉


    1. Dirt / Dust is a real issue here but not too bad inside (thank goodness).

      I have already noticed that folks in the RV’s run their A/C a lot more than we do. Better insulation? Personal preference? Dunno why but we stay quite comfy up to higher temps in the house than in the RV. Makes sense it should be that way but forgot after 5 years in an RV. 🙃🤔

      I have not yet seen the Filter Charge in a store — so have yet to even have the opportunity to purchase — tried one time with just Endust-ing a filter and don’t see any real change. Don’t want to restrict flow — a 10 year old system is better than a 20 year old one but still it’s not designed to operate with excessive airflow restriction. I talk about a lot of things, think about them for a while, and often discard them afterwards — that could be what happens with the dust magnet. (of course if you do use it — ought to be prepared for more frequent filter changes too!!!)

      I can’t find any place on the furnace where it says the rating to be used for the filter. I have some paperwork from the previous owner but think I’ll have to go online and find manufacturer’s specs and download them.


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    1. People have been suggesting that but I’m not in a big hurry. We have a shed at the extreme back end — so a “florida room” would restrict access there, and frankly we don’t sit outside a LOT. when we do I get folding chairs out of the shed and put them at the FRONT of the drive where the air flow is better.

      It’s a possibility — but I think we’ll see what summer is like and how long it takes the bank account to recover.


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  2. My mother and I have this ongoing debate regarding dust – in particular cobwebs, specifically – do they require spiders or manifest themselves without arachnid interference. I say cobwebs creep without spidery meddling, she says they grow from seeds of arachnid deposits. Sigh 🙂

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    1. cobwebs are fascinating to me. I rarely saw cobwebs in the coach, and now in the house I don’t find them but on rare occasions — and we have enough room now that a couple rooms we rarely visit — so there is uninterrupted opportunity for the little buggers.
      Outside however they seem to be abundant. Walking a refuge path is guaranteed to find us walking through webs so fine we don’t even see them before we walk through them.

      Regardless how one feels about the spinners — they are gorgeous, though, aren’t they. 🙂


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