I feel the need for … no speed

Simultaneous to getting ready for a visit from our daughter I’m also feeling absolutely no need to go anywhere.  Odd that…

Katy’s due to visit in a week and half (barring complications with the repairs of their vehicle)  and we’ll head North with her after her visit to attend the wedding shower for our Grand-One in Milwaukee — so we have movement on the calendar but for one of the few times in my life I’m perfectly content where I am.  Which causes all sorts of problems when you have a wife who needs to walk!

I’ve always been a restless soul. There have been very few times in my life that I’ve gotten past the 2 or 3 month mark and not felt the need to go somewhere.  I blame my parents; with dad’s odd work cycle of all three shifts every 30 days followed by 5 days off it was de rigeur that we’d go someplace once a month.  It was just normal.  To be expected.

Last summer was the first time in recent memory that I began to feel this way.  Perhaps that accounts for why we ended up buying this house as quickly/easily/unexpectedly as we did.  When we arrived at our summer camp hosting gig last May we actually felt as if we didn’t need to go places.  I could say some of that was because we had explored much of the area in previous visits but the real factor was that the novelty of location-al freedom must have worn off by then.  Until then we always had too many bucket list places to see; for whatever reason the bucket list seemed to lose importance.  We no longer needed to try new things; it was nice to do so, but we weren’t being pushed internally to do so.zero-mph

We’re most of the way through our third month here.  As I write there are still a few more “Character” posts to go — but on a sunny Monday morning after a wet previous week the paving crew has returned and they are getting a quick start on day two of paving — on what was supposed to have been a three day process.  You can’t do anything about the weather, and they aren’t going to lay asphalt in the rain — they are staying as diligent as possible given the vagaries of Momma Nature and her weather tantrums.  With any amount of luck they’ll oil our road today, and perhaps pave it tomorrow — we’ll see.  Of course that means that we’ll be “stuck” on the far side of the oiled road and perhaps not easily able to get out of the house so I think we’re going to take a short drive somewhere just to let Peggy stretch her legs real good.  The crew will be out of here soon enough.  I think we are in week 6 of having confusion and dust all over the place — given the size of the project and the weather I think that’s not bad — but that doesn’t mean I’m in a hurry to experience this all over again.

Please don’t hold it against the park though.  This entire area is much newer than Milwaukee.  It’s still growing by leaps and bounds.  The next road to the East of us has just been repaved and widened — to accommodate school traffic — parents and busses dropping and picking up kids.  There’s an ongoing project to modify that same road just south of us — we can see where there will be a “Y” intersection about 1/2 mile South of the park — although where that road will ultimately lead is a great mystery.  There appears to be nothing in the direction it’s headed!  I assume the highway commission knows more than I do. 🙂  My point being that construction here is nothing new;  it’s a state of mind — or should I say “The State of Texas” as there seems to be a lot of construction going on all over.

I’m sure we’ll see plenty of construction while Katy is visiting.  Her itinerary is long and it’s almost time for a roadtrip.

That’s enough for today. Thanks for stopping.  Maybe in a day or two the roadwork will be done and I’ll stop yammering on about it.  I’m sure it will be wonderful.


8 thoughts on “I feel the need for … no speed

    1. Agreed!

      while a ‘day of nothing’ isn’t yet something I long for — days of ‘much less’ or ‘almost nothing’ are always welcome in our flexible schedule. I think I’m finally getting the hang of retirement. 🙂



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