Making Adjustments

Do you ever read the “possible side effects” warnings on your medicines?  I do.  I wonder sometimes why all of the meds I take all say “May cause possible weight gain”?  Can’t Big Pharma make a drug that does what I need without possibly causing weight gain? 😀 😜

Serious though, I realized the other day that what I had purchased a bit over a year ago as a new belt that fit properly on the last hole now has to be fastened on the 5th hole to do the same job.  The weight is coming off.  Perhaps not as quickly as I might like, but it’s coming off.  We’ll know in 5 years if it stayed off but for now it’s a good thing.

All of which brings my brain to a very different thought — not about losing weight but about maintaining it.  Over my lifetime I’ve probably gained and lost my own weight a couple times over.  And I’ve confessed in the past that I’m one of those people who has to ignore the sage advice to weigh yourself once a week.  Over the years I have found that I do better if I check the scale every single morning.  That can sometimes be a little discouraging but the price of staying healthy —for me — is constant diligence.

I have no idea how much the multiple meds I take influence my weight.  Surely pharmaceuticals have my body in a very altered state;  it’s something I think about once in a while when bloodwork comes back with cautions about either liver or kidney function but I try to do my part and live the healthiest life I can without becoming too dull or too much of a party pooper.  I got to this point in life — it would be nice to be able to enjoy it a little. 😉  And I do.

But it is fascinating how little I can ingest and maintain my weight.  For a guy who really enjoys eating that can be frustrating.  I know some of that is because I’m not as active as once I was.  And there’s that thing about our metabolism slowing down.  Two strikes against the eater already!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I spend less time in the kitchen now (I’ve always been the cook in the household).  love-foodI can’t say the food budget is any lower — costs go up faster than my metabolism slows down. And, of course, there is more to life than just eating — and I’m enjoying my retirement!

Still, habit can wreak havoc on good intentions.  I have lots of recipes floating around in my head — ask the family — you rarely see a cookbook out on the counter — I’m a “free form chef” — any given food is never the same twice in a row, I like diversity and I like flavor.  But the problem comes with recipe measurements and portion size.

For years I used 2 cups of flour per recipe when I made pancakes (or biscuits).  A while ago I had to cut back to 1 1/2 cups of flour.  Now I’m pondering whether to make that 1 cup per batch.  It’s hard to remember to cut back.  I get in there and measuring cups start flying around and whisks and bowls and the next thing you know I’ve made too much.  (We don’t have much bread around the house right now — still working on the weight loss and carbs kill me — but I do give in once a week and have pancakes or waffles — and you’ve heard me wax ridiculous about waffles and waffle makers).

In an era where people are super sizing everything I find it harder and harder to stay efficient.  I may have mentioned that one thing I’d like to change about the house is to replace our coil burner electric stove.  Those burners never stay level, and they are a nuisance to clean — I’d like to replace it in the next year or two with a flat surface range.  In doing some window shopping I’ve come to realize that the urge to supersize has taken over in the kitchen too.  Not only are burgers bigger so are the ovens we are meant to cook in.  I’m seeing 30 inch ranges with 7.0+ cu ft of oven space.  My 5 or 6 biscuits are gonna get lost in a sucker that big!

Years ago I had a wonderful 16 inch cast iron skillet.  I used it a LOT.  That bugger weighed a ton, but I almost gave up other cookware I liked it so much.  Alas it’s gone and that’s good because Peggy got to the point that she could hardly lift it anymore (though cleaning the cast iron skillets has always been my job!!! Maybe because I wanted it done a certain way!!!)  Nowadays I have a 6 inch heavy steel skillet — not cast iron –that I use as much as I used the old 16 incher.  I can’t say I have banished fats from our kitchen — goodness knows I still love butter and cream — but I’ve pretty much given up ever cooking anything that is deep fat fried.  Occasionally I’ll get a hankering for real southern fried chicken — and when I do I surrender and just to to Church’s or some other place that specializes in fried chicken and I feed my longings — then I’m good for a few weeks or months.  My big exception to fried foods is seafood.  Which exception exists because in too many places if you are hungry for seafood you’ll be hard pressed to find it in a restaurant in any other form.  Deep frying is just too convenient for restaurants;  and you may remember that my one major gripe while living on the Oregon Coast was that it had been almost impossible to find any restaurant offering grilled or baked fish — everything was fried!!!!!  As a lifelong Wisconsinite — the land of the Friday AYCE fish fry — life without a fish fry of some sort just doesn’t seem right!

Of course here in S. Texas we have the benefit (lacking in Wisconsin) of a great deal of higher quality, fresher produce.  We’re doing our best to take advantage of that.  I think the one fingernail that I have which has been cracking lengthwise for years and years may finally be healing up because of the change in our diet.  But we are enjoying the abundance of fresher ingredients.


I’d actually like to purchase MORE prime cuts — but at our age and with our freezer — it can take a while to eat it all! 🙂

Peggy noticed the other day another difference between here and groceries in other places we have traveled while RV’ing.  We have not gotten out a tape measure to put this to the test — I suspect store owners might thing we are a bit weird and throw us out of their stores — but I really think that the freezer sections in local groceries are smaller.  When we go to the checkout we see many fewer TV dinners and pre-packaged meals (as in frozen lasagna or such).  What we do see is way more prime cuts of meat going out of the store in cryovacced bags.

Life is all about adjusting,  it’s that un-scriptedness that you can’t do anything about — other than roll with the punches, change with the changes, and duck when the ball gets too close to your head!  I hope you have a great day.  I’ll be here again tomorrow. Thanks for stopping and why not check in again tomorrow.



13 thoughts on “Making Adjustments

  1. If you’re looking for something to help with weight loss, add more foods with magnesium. My neurologist put me on a Mg supplement a few years back. At first I lost inches. My generous belly thinned out. I can bend over easier and can button my blouse all the way down–don’t have to wear it like a jacket anymore! I’ve lost 20 lbs. It’s been slow, but I’ll take it.

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  2. I weigh the same now as I did 20 years ago. I’d weigh 20 pounds less if I didn’t drink beer, 10 pounds more if I wasn’t active.All the supplements, diet plans and miracle fixes in the world can’t replace common sense.Less sugar, fat and processed food – only shop the grocery store walls (produce,,dairy, meat) and resist the lure of market aisles. 🙂

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    1. The “only shop the grocery store walls (produce,dairy, meat)” is good and does work. Is mostly what we do — except for trips down the baking aisle for flour!!!! gotta have bread! Gotta Have Bread!!! GOTTA HAVE BREAD!!!!!!!!!


    2. Dunno…. beer never did much for me. In the summer I’ll have the occasional beer when it’s hot. Other than that I’ll occasionally go there with Pizza. Problem is I can’t stomach that pale stuff. Give me a good stout or porter and I’m happy. — Alas, finding anything with body down here where they drink beer like water is a rough go.

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  3. As a little person, I have always used a Toaster Oven instead of the big oven… it fits everything I need. 😀

    I only buy items that I can identify – whole muscle meat (not processed, that is a ribeye, that is lingua, that is a rib) and whole veggies (that’s a turnip, that is a squash, those are asparagus) and whole grains (that is barley, that is red wheat, that is quinoa)… that makes things a bit easier. The bulk section is good for grains.

    Rock is addicted to carbs, but baking him a small set of biscuits or a little loaf of “artisan” bread is so much better than running amok in the bakery aisle. Making six tortillas is better than buying 24.

    Do you use a crock pot? Those process whole, slow foods easily and tastily — if that is a word. 😀
    Look at some of the fadish Paleo recipes, they have some great whole, slow foods ideas! Mark’s Daily Apple has some great ideas.


    1. Like you we tend to buy unprocessed natural foods — with the exception that I will give in for flash frozen veg as well — not sauced or anything simply frozen. Same with the cuts of meat. I tend to buy prime cuts and butcher them myself. We have a 1 lb loaf bread machine that I mostly use when we want bread. Bread if probably my biggest weakness. If I see a Panera store with sourdough I’m a goner! And yes — we do use a crockpot — quite often actually. Thanks for the suggestions.

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      1. Sounds like we cook much the same… 🙂
        I indulge in frozen veggies, too! They’re often cheaper than fresh and last wayyyyy longer! LOL!

        Loving your blogs! Thank you… You always give me something to think about or mull over. Mind candy. 👍🏻

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      2. I TRY (not always successful) not to buy anything pre-made. I’m not crazy about it — I just grew up that way and think it’s healthier. The thing about frozen veg is that they ARE often fresher than “fresh” produce — being flash frozen not all that many hours after harvest. The problem in my mind is that even those have added salt in many cases.
        The issue of longevity is something I look at too. I like variety but we can’t eat ENOUGH of a lot of things to make it possible to keep fresh product in the fridge and yet consume it in a timely way.

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