I’m sure a lot of people have mixed feelings about the year-end holidays.  If you’re like me — which is to say trying to do anything MORE than just WATCH my weight — they can be a particularly frustrating time.  That tussle with my weight has not improved my January mood.

The issue of weight loss also factors into our activity.  While on the one hand we are trying to get out and get plenty of exercise we also don’t want to get SO far out away from home that eating at a restaurant becomes the easy solution to our hunger. End result — blogger Pete has been a boring lad for the last little while.  Still, the doc was pretty definite about my goals; I continue to embrace them  — even if it be grudging.  I’m not gaining. Plateaus can be a pain!

Then again I’m not the only one having problems in January. And I’m not making political statements here. The road crew got a good start on paving a few days ago — it’s now Thursday of the week in which they starting laying asphalt on the Monday.  The first day of paving went along fine until late in the day when (contrary to the forecast) we saw a sudden, freakish downpour.  Following that not much has happened — for now the third day.  Plans and forecasts are all good; wonderful even, but Momma Nature holds the drain plug on those clouds.  More rain is in the forecast tomorrow, the nicely leveled and packed roads that were ready for paving are once again looking a bit mangy. Momma Nature must be having a chuckle. She  is having her way with the purposes of Man and there’s not much we can do about it.

Who can forget the “When it rains it pours” graphic from the 50’s and 60’s

Who can forget the “When it rains it pours” graphic from the 50’s and 60’s

On yet another front, we are still hoping to see Katy at the end of the month but she called to say that Hubby is having a problem with the engine in his Sprinter van.  There’s a broken glow plug (or more).  The problem threatens the timing and likelihood of her/their arrival. While Michael is optimistic about a repair his forte isn’t diesels and life for them is a bit uncertain at the moment.  Seems, when it rains it pours.   She’s freaking out about her vacation; all we can do is patiently await the time and play it by ear.

All of which falls into better perspective when I think about the fact that at least we have room to move around.  The transition from RV to house has meant that we aren’t cooped up in the same confined space.  We have purposely been staying near home — and staying near home has been infinitely easier with a little room to walk around it. It’s a luxury that we had nearly forgotten after 5 years in the coach.  Just getting up out of a chair and being able to walk 60 feet in a straight line indoors.  It sounds so simple; yet it can feel so luxurious.

We’ll see if the morrow is dry and what happens with the roads.  Thanks for stopping and I’ll be here tomorrow.  Why not stop and say Hi!


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