Character – day 3


After 48 years of marriage I think the single most important factor in a relationship has to be trust.  The true and faithful companion who holds your trust as something precious is irreplaceable.  Anyone who doesn’t is expendable.


9 thoughts on “Character – day 3

    1. Ah…. dissected artery — that I understand! Thanks for the clarification.

      Time in a hospital bed is always challenging but there’s a discernible undercurrent in that quote that gives me reason for concern… Hopefully you aren’t telling me more about the quality of the care he’s getting than about the details of diagnosis. Good diagnosticians are actually hard to find — now that the docs have discovered so many things for us to be sick of/about/from/by…. Prayers and good juju coming your way for Tom; pneumonia isn’t anything to play around with.

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      1. Juju received – thank you. He’s in good hands, he’s having another MRI tomorrow to determine surgical options, likely going to open his chest because the “dissection” is a foot long.The pneumonia freaked me out, had a rough day but staying positive.

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      2. I understand what you’re saying about being freaked out. Seems that doctors sometimes dribble out information to you as they learn it. Would be nice if they were all knowing but they are still “just humans.”

        I suspect the law can be differently but equally stressful…

        Have to have faith in the professionals — but that doesn’t mean that you don’t make sure someone is advocating for him — at least here in the U.S. you really need to have someone who is mobile and with it to see that everything gets done and nothing gets forgot and no one goes off the reservation with practices that don’t need doing. Grrrrr…. but then you have national health…

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      3. LOL — whether it’s a joke or not remains to be seen. my experience of lawyers — which is to say the ones I have >>hired<< — has not been positive. No offense to Tom.

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