Off our stride

I admit it, we’re off our stride lately.  It’s funny how little things can distract a person. It’s all for the good — longterm that is.  But between moving into the house and the reconstruction of the roads in the park we’re just at 6’s & 7’s.  img_4304-161216

The road project is winding down, or up, or whatever direction you go to find completion.  It would appear that they might finish over the next three days — or maybe not.  We are finishing up 4 weeks of road work and about a week in there when nothing happened because of the holidays — so it’s been a 5 week process so far.  What I don’t know about road building would fill a book but I do know that I’ve been watching that road grader do what appears to be the same job over and over and over again.  The goal is to create a downhill gradient from North to South and from East to West so that rainwater will drain to one spot.  I’m sure they know what they are doing, and how to do it. It just feels like a long, long, long process. [as I write this a low boy trailer just arrived to start hauling earth moving equipment off site!!!]

The finished roads will be well worth the wait but at this end of the project there is a lot of uncertainty. We know they are going to be oiling down the ground before paving.  While I don’t worry a lot about their ability to do that without overspray and damage to cars (I know some folks are freaked out about it) still anticipating what days movement in and out of the park may be limited is a big guessing game.  We were told to expect three days of “paving” and for folks with doctor’s or physical therapy appointments that’s a nervous place to be:  not knowing if they’ll be able to get out of the park.   Each day I walk to the office to learn whether there’s been a timing decision made and each day… nothing.  It’s really nothing new — every construction job I’ve been connected with has been the same — it’s just been a long time since I’ve been part of one and it’s nerve wracking.

In a few days this will all feel like a dream … but at the moment, not.  5 weeks of inconvenience after 30+ years of use (how long the old roads lasted) isn’t a bad tradeoff.

We did our daily walk at the nearby outlet mall and discovered that the Kitchen Collection store there has been permanently closed.  Sorry to see that.  kitchen-collection-logoThey often had “just the thing that I wanted.”  I’ve noticed over the last year or two that they have been closing stores one by one. I wonder what’s going on with the brand? I do notice that their logo has changed.  It used to be red and white — now it’s blue and black and white — so it wold appear something’s up.


This weekend is also the All Valley RV and Outdoor Show in Mercedes.  The three day show is guaranteed to be much smaller than the show we attended last year in Tampa — but I’m sure we’ll find some interesting vendors and maybe learn a thing or three.

Of course that all depends on whether we can get in and out of our RV park to get there. 🙂 I’m going to be optimistic.  The forecast is for rain on the last two of three days — so we’re going to try to get there on Thursday, tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping, I’ll be here again tomorrow. Why not stop and say hi!


10 thoughts on “Off our stride

    1. Jim, Jim, Jim…..

      Have you not yet learned that everything in the world interests me. Just because I’m not going to DO something doesn’t mean I have no interest in it! Besides — I was pretty sure the folks from PPL would be there (which they were) and I wanted to have a chat. 🙂


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      1. Just wondered if the bug was biting you again. When I saw you were going, I immediately thought about the time all of our friends and us piled into a furniture store in Illinois. The trip was totally lost on us.


      2. Naw…. no bug bites here.

        It was something to do on a day when I didn’t want to walk at the mall and when the roads here were still under construction. Nothing more. Although when we got there and the fee was a $5.00 per person entrance and not $5.00 per car parking (as I thought I had read) I almost turned around and came home. It really wasn’t worth $5.00 per person. One small building with vendors — not all of whom had shown up for work and a few pull behinds and 5th wheels, no coaches, 1 class C. We found out afterwards that the previous year’s attendance was 4000 for the three days — so that says all you need to know. This year was no better; but much worse than 2 years ago when there were 3 times as many vendors and at least 2X as many RV’s.


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  1. We have an RV we would not consider changing. We still like to go to RV shows, we still love to watch the home remodeling shows on HGTV.
    These things just Stoke the imagination which fuels an interesting life.


    1. Agreed, Dave!

      There are a lot of things I do just because it’s something interesting. And if I can learn something along the way even better!

      I don’t know about you but there have been a lot of things that I have seen that in turn have inspired me to try something quite different. But then most of the time when we are out shopping I’m not looking to buy — I’m looking for ideas..



  2. PPL? May I suggest a bit of caution before opting to use them? I can only base that on our own experience last year when trying to purchase ours. We had “eyes on” at both the Houston and Cleburne properties but not the one in New Braunfels. Based on those first two, though, I doubt we would ever buy an RV from them, even knowing they are just on consignment. I drove all the way to Cleburne on a weekday, only to find there was not a soul there to help me for two straight days. I could only drive around and look at the RVs on the outside. They also charge up front fees to check out some basic things, even if you don’t buy the RV. One man in Houston was reasonably helpful over the phone, but when a friend that lives in the area went by to look at a couple of RVs, they wouldn’t even talk to him without an advance appointment. Just be careful with them, I think.

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      1. I hear ya. though with over 2000 units a year someone must be finding them helpful.

        Still thinking about what we want to do. Seems we have a lot in our plate the last month and I’m trying to slow down how fast we’re making commitments — at least a little. 🙂


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