Where are the 25 watt light bulbs?

While we were still in the RV we had managed to convert all our Halogen lights to LED bulbs.  Our power consumption went down a lot and while I did cost us a little to make the change I was much happier with the longer battery life that the change effected.  Now that we are in a different home I’ve been struggling to the lighting right and I’ve come up against  an interesting roadblock.

In the old days (some 35 or more years ago) when we still owned an apartment building we had Exit lights.exit-lights Originally they used 2 – 25 watt bulbs and eventually we found a source for 10 watt bulbs that still provided more than enough light for the fixture and helped control our maintenance costs.  It wasn’t a huge step in the direction of being ecologically friendly but it was a start.

When Compact Fluorescents came out I embraced them, and as LED bulbs have become available I have done the same.  I will admit to having a hard time converting my brain to think of lumens instead of watts; that’s a work in process. But what I have noted is that it’s getting hard to find lower wattage equivalent bulbs.

It’s easy to find bulbs that replicate 60, 75, 100 and higher watt bulbs. Finding those that are equivalent to an old style 40 watt bulb is possible, but you have to look a little harder on the shelf.  And finding anything smaller than that has been — so far — nearly impossible.

So many light fixtures feature multiple bulbs nowadays.  I understand the idea — if one bulb goes out you still have light in the fixture, light in the room.  Our living room has a ceiling fan with three bulbs — and considering the size of that room — even three 60 watt equivalent bulbs is a LOT of light.  A person wouldn’t need any other light in order to read in that room just turning on the ceiling light! (except for the fact that the shadows would all be in the wrong places — which is always the problem with lighting — controlling the shadows).

remember those old carbon arc spotlights invented by John and Anton Kleig!

remember those old carbon arc spotlights invented by John and Anton Kleig!

A small room doesn’t need to lit by klieg lights!  I’m quite happy to have light — but I don’t need so much that my eyes hurt.  So, I’ve been searching other solutions.  It’s amazing the different looking lights that are available now.  Unhindered by the need for an air-evacuated glass bulb manufacturers are not fashioning bulbs in a variety of interesting shapes. Tall skinny, bulbar, spherical, cylindrical — you name it.  What they are not doing is making bulbs with as wide a variety of sizes.

I’ll keep looking until I find what I want.  I’m patient.  Besides, half the time I don’t even turn the lights ON.

Have a great day.  Stop by tomorrow and say hi.  I’ll be here for sure.



3 thoughts on “Where are the 25 watt light bulbs?

    1. It’s funny because now there are so many different looking and functioning choices — not just incandescent.

      Don’t know about anyone else — but it will take a long time for me to equate LUMENS with WATTS — and with directional LEDs 100 lumens isn’t always 100 lumens. grrrrrrr.

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