A little chilly

Polar temps have chilled us down a bit.  Funny, now that we are in a house, the lower temps don’t bother me nearly as much as they did two years ago.  The difference is simple.  We have a little room to move around without bumping into each other!  It’s amazing what a little space will do for you!

los-fresnos-tempWe’ve had a couple days with highs in the 50’s, an overnight in the upper 20’s, and we will be hanging around the 30’s and 40’s for another day.  For a change I haven’t been running the space heaters.  In the coach I seemed to prefer the electric heaters over propane furnace.  Both worked well.  For some reason I just liked the electric heat better.  This house is all electric and aside from recognizing sound of the furnace clicking on, and the blowing sounds I love it.  For some reason I haven’t gotten it through my brain what those sounds are — every time the furnace kicks in it takes my by surprise.  Not a big deal; just something to get used to.

20061990090Our last stationary home, the school, had hot water heat.  The heating and cooling cycles were accompanied by a faint clicking as the metal warmed and cooled — there was an odd comfort level to that. It was a sound I associated with growing up. Some of my teen years were spent living in an apartment building that also was heated with hot water and had noisy radiators.

texashillcountry1 texashillcountry2The bottom line is that even though we’re having some chilly weather it’s not nearly as bad as back home in Wisconsin and it’s not all that hard to deal with!  My attitude this year is infinitely better than it was 2 years ago this time. Then we were cold and damp from all the rain.  This year we aren’t all that cold and not much rain.  If the road crew would finish up the new road project all would be well.  And, this week might just be the end of THAT!

I finally got out Katy’s message with the dates of her trip and planned itinerary.  I have a “bad habit” about planning. I tend to ignore details until we’re 2-3 weeks from the date and then seriously make a plan.  It looks like we’ll be spending time in the Austin / Hill Country area and around Galveston — then heading North with Katy back to Wisconsin.

Now that I realize where Katy wants to be just before we head North, any idea of routing along I-10 is out of the question.  That puts us on either I-44 or I-20 — and means we’ll have to watch the weather forecast a little more carefully.  It also means that from our departure point we may just make the trip in two days instead of three.  Three drivers makes a big difference.

I don’t know how you compensate for your age during long distance travel.  Even when we were young we always had a ‘rule’ — to stop the car, get out, walk around a little about every 2 hours.  One of the things that troubled me about RV’ing was that with a 55 foot long rig it wasn’t always so easy to find a place to park every 2 hours.  blood-clot-leg-2


examples of blood clot legs

That is one change I am embracing.  I have not yet had a problem with blood clots in the legs but the older we get the more serious an issue that becomes, and the smarter it is to take precautions against them.

The other aspects of travel never really bothered me much.  Hotel accommodations are pretty routine. Routing — to me — is pretty routine.  I’ve been on almost every single interstate in the nation, and an awful lot of the US highways — so I don’t fuss or fret about routing.  I do always give consideration to major metropolitan areas and attempt to time my arrival so as to avoid rush hours. I’ll alter my previous-night’s stop location, or get up earlier in the morning so as to avoid a major metropolitan traffic jam.  I’ll also alter my route — if there’s a good alternative — and avoid the metropolitan area completely. The thing about metropolitan areas is that if all is well you might slide through the city in an hour — but you can also be stuck in traffic for 3 or 4 hours if you make the trip on the wrong day.  Living 80 miles from Chicago for most of my life has stamped that reality on my personality!

Today is the first Saturday of the new year.  It sort of feels like winter; not a winter I know in my bones (I assume you know what I mean by that — there are things you know in your brain, there are things you know in your body)  There’s no snow on the ground — that is NOT a complaint.  Winter in South Texas is something new to get used to.  In the same way that it came as a surprise that we didn’t see any Christmas tree lots, so little things about the weather here just feel odd.  Yes — I feel the cool. But I don’t recognize it as “winter.”  My brain wants to say it’s just late autumn.  I guess that after a lifetime in the Upper Midwest, winter has always meant snow.  This is only the 4th year in my life I’m not driving around in flakey white stuff.  I love it.


4 thoughts on “A little chilly

  1. Upper 20’s? Yikes… hope the fruit trees fared ok. Enjoy that lovely weather. Later today, the rain is suppose to start here and last through the whole weekend. Not sure if it’s headed for the valley or not, though.


  2. Evergreen trees grow in Wisconsin and Minnesota so we have lots up here. I suspect transporting trees to south Texas makes them too expensive. Artificial trees might make more sense there. We had our first artificial tree when we lived in Texas back in the 1960s.

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    1. I’m sure it’s a cost thing… which doesn’t change the way a person expects what you’ve known and gets a surprise when things are different — sometimes even when you know it’s going to be different. 🙂


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