Those roads are still coming any day now

Yesterday, the first Monday of the month, was the residents meeting and a solid round of applause was given to the member of the road crew who the activities director wrangled to come in and catch us up on the paving project.img_4304-161216  My title may sound sarcastic but it isn’t.  The team is doing a great job (as best I can tell) and they have not strayed from the schedule we were given before the work started.  As a resident it may SEEM a long time but there’s a lot of work going on here.

Actually — by the time this posts the roads may be completed.  There’s an outside chance of their finishing within a week, if there’s more rain — which there is in the forecast — we might be 2 more weeks.  Still, it’s a short time to wait for a wonderful improvement.

One of my concerns and probably everyone’s was for better drainage and I was glad to see that the contractor took time to explain that they were putting an inverted crown on the road so that the water would flow towards the lowest point / a drain.  Over the years since the park was built that drainage suffered.  But clearly the crew is working on getting it right — I see them with their transit and GPS gear regularly.  Good on them!

Group meetings, large meetings, have their challenges.  Personally, they are always a good reminder to me what I don’t want to become as I get older.  I get that people want to ask questions; that’s good.  There’s not such thing as a bad question for the person who doesn’t know the answer.  But when I’m together in a group and people don’t pay attention to answers because they are talking among themselves — and then ask the same question that’s just been answered because they didn’t hear the answer — that gets a bit old. Old people seem to do that though. But hey… we’re the lucky ones — we are actually getting older (instead of dying young) and along with age comes some infirmity: poor hearing and rudeness seeming to be among them.

I was reminded during the meeting how important it is to bear in mind new residents, new people, new friends.  It is so easy to get to a point that you’re familiar with the routine, if certain things happen on certain days, or at certain times you already know what they are and you when when to show up.  But new people, new residents, or new neighbors don’t have that knowledge. I remember when we were here 2 years ago a couple of the residents took us under their wing and made sure we knew the important stuff. I know how much I appreciated that.

be specific, plan ahead, don’t assumeAttempting to do the same thing,  I’m afraid I ruffled a few feathers because after hearing 20 minutes of uncertainty about times of events — particularly group meals — I piped up and asked whether the single sheet calendar could simply be reprinted with the correct times on it instead of expecting old people with hearing problems to individually annotate some 100 calendars.  I don’t mind playing the bad guy to make sure that new friends aren’t confused.  Hopefully the ruffled feathers are temporary.  Everyone has a place in this world — I just seem to have no social filter and get myself in trouble with my mouth.  sigh.

It was a humbling experience though.  For about 10 years I published a small journal.  It seemed I could never get the next bi-monthly issue off the press without finding a typo or two.  I have the greatest respect for the people who work on that calendar but I also have lived just how hard it is to publish something and have it RIGHT!  The first time.  Every time.  That’s why magazine and newspapers have proofreaders — to help insure that what they are printing is right.

I have seen strangers in campgrounds exercise care for new neighbors in public campgrounds in the same way.  We are all on the same journey through life. At times we are all the new kids on the block, the new neighbors, the guy or gal who doesn’t know the ropes.  I just think it’s good for us all to remember our neighbors.  We don’t have to do a lot to make them feel comfortable, to make them feel wanted and friendly.  But we do have to do some things….

And, in the end I was once again reminded of my favorite saying:  Be specific, Plan ahead, Don’t assume.

Thanks for stopping, and have a great day.


2 thoughts on “Those roads are still coming any day now

  1. That’s why electronic shared calendars are nice. There is a cost to constantly printing new calendars. Have a monitor in the clubhouse for those unwilling or unable to access it on their own at home and call it good. The park can even set an advance reminder so residents are notified of an upcoming event. Just a thought. Most seniors are quite adept at navigating a computer and could actually grow to like a change like this. There would be a bunch of grumbling, but there always is when a change comes about. In the long run, it would be accepted as a positive by most people. Just a thought, Peter.


    1. Not a bad idea Jim, though I know there are a few non-savvy folks here.

      I can see some problems considering the people involved but…. one never knows.



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