Making Abnormal look like Normal

Today I want to say less and provoke you more. We are about to enter a new four year cycle, a new President, a new administration, a new world in some ways. If we are smart we all ought to be hoping that the President Elect turns out to be a much better president than anyone thinks possible — for to have him fail means bad things for this nation and everyone in it — if not the world.

It’s difficult to step outside yourself, to look beyond the events of the last few days, and to see history in it’s greater context.  I invite you to try doing just that.  The attached video is flawed in many way, but it takes a macro look at the world we live in and is worth taking time to view.

Because Adam Curtis’ October 2016 documentary is so long,  I’m going to shut up in the hopes you may take some time to watch it.

I’ll be back in my normal mode tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.


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