We’re not dead…

Our neighbor thinks we are dead!  I stopped off at the RV park office yesterday to make sure our bank had gotten the first “automatic” rent check mailed in time  to pay our site lease for January. After setting up automatic payments I’m always a bit paranoid until I see that they’ve gotten the thing correct. are_you_aliveWhile there the camp host approached me to tell me that that our neighbor knocked on his door a day or two ago and wanted to know if we were still ok, as in still ALIVE!  Seems she had not seen us in a few days and she was worried.

It’s particularly sweet because the dear soul who was worried also tends to forget people’s names and when we first arrived here we were several weeks with the same greeting from her:  “Do I know you?” Still, it’s nice to be  missed.  And thought about.

If I had to make a list of what we have “accomplished” in the past month the list would be pretty short.  Or should I say, pretty unsubstantial.  We’ve been “busy” doing not a lot of anything of note.  Which, when you think about it is pretty much normal for most of us.  Life isn’t always exciting.  We aren’t always climbing mountains, fording streams, rattling down washboard roads or even marching on picket lines.  But most of the time people don’t think we’re dead!

When you move from place to place in an RV no one expects any particular routine from fellow campers.  Some of us may pay more attention to the comings and goings of our neighbors but it’s not like you really get to know anyone’s routine if they are only parked next to you for 14 days at most.  (as in most state or federal campgrounds)

Taking up a more permanent abode — whether 5 to 6 months a year, or year round — means that people get to know you, you get to know them; there are implied obligations that arise because of proximity. It’s still early for us to figure out how we are going to fit into the little community here. In the past I have engaged too quickly and ended up with commitments that were difficult to fulfill longterm. Heck, we’re still finding places for things to live inside the house and moving furniture about.  Long term isn’t on our minds for now. Which doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of other people. So, it seems, that after 5 years of RV’ing the concept of neighborly expectations once again raises it’s head.  It’s interesting how expectations arise. And what we choose to do about them.

For now we staying un-yoked to the community.  We’ll see what happens over time.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be here again in the morning, why not stop and say Hi!


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