Another “New” Year

Tell me some good news! Life is too short to focus on the bad.   As we enter 2017 I’m tempted to say that it looks like nothing will be “new” in 2017 and it will be harder to find good news than to find hen’s teeth.

teach-anyone-anythingRest assured that politicians of both parties will make 2017 an ugly replay of 2016 — just without an election. The media will try to keep the population scared and afraid of some thing — it really doesn’t matter to them, frightened audiences are good for ratings.  More celebrities will die; and more spoiled adults will whinge and moan.  The earth will continue along it’s current course — whether affected or unaffected by human activity for you see people still won’t agree upon whether we’re killing our planet or not. There will always be something negative about which to obsess if you are so inclined.

For myself, I haven’t quite sworn off news broadcasts.  I have put myself on a more stringent diet.  I already know that I get way to upset when I listen to the news and frankly I’d rather not die of a stress induced ruptured aorta. As with any literal diet, if you restrict some things from your intake you have to replace them with others. So, for Peter & Peggy 2017 will be a year of making different choices.

This house gives us the option of living here for part of the year, or year round.  We haven’t yet figured out which we intend doing. A good part of the RV park is filled with others like ourselves who own a home or an RV that they leave here year round.  A few stay here all year; most migrate with the seasons.  Which we shall do is up for grabs.

We won’t be traveling as much. We aren’t very familiar with Texas.  So, put those two together and I’m thinking we’ll take a few roadtrips and get to know the state better.  There’s a lot of beauty here — different beauty than we are accustomed to but beauty nevertheless.

I’ve been wondering whether there are any choral groups around — other than church choirs.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been in one place long enough to consider singing in a group — not sure my voice would even cooperate — but there’s only one way to tell.

I’ve started looking around for local volunteer gigs.  Not very actively — we still  have a lot on our plate to accomplish — but I’m looking. I’ve started the process.

We’ve become aware in the past month that with a house we are not nearly as active within the park as we were in the RV.  Solid walls between us and our neighbors get in the way of interaction — and I have not done anything to counter that affect.  The weather’s been cranky — so we haven’t been in the pool much lately — and a part of me feels pressured to take a bigger part.  Don’t yet know whether I will.  After our summer at Highland Ridge I kind of promised myself a break from “participation”  — I might still be on hiatus!  That won’t last forever, I’m sure, but I’m still getting over campers knocking on the door.

In the next two weeks the population here at the park will blossom.  Those winter texans who waited till after the holidays to make the drive will be arriving and activities will kick into high gear.  Fun will be had by many.  But not all.

There’s been one death here at the park already this season; there are a few others living here (permanent residents) whose health is not very good. It’s something I’m aware of but I’m not sure how much I’m ready to engage in that area — it’s an emotional rollercoaster and it’s good to be sure you’re committed before committing to help.

Just because there is a lot of negative news outside the park, and a lot of troubles on the national and international stage does not mean that I have focus on the bad.think_globally_act_locally  I think this saying has been around for a long time — I think I remember from my 20 something days.  But it’s still just as apropos as ever.  And if you want change in the world, the only way to effect it is to be the change you want to see. Let change start with me and There’s no publicity to living that way.  A lot of people may not be aware of what you are doing but the right  people will notice:  others like yourself.  And just maybe they will join in the battle for good, the battle for right, for justice, for equality — or whatever banner you take up.

Politicians and celebrities do things to be noticed — that’s what makes them politicians and celebrities.  But change can happen without either and I still think that Jesus’ pattern of more time with fewer people is the one that works for me.  Scripture talks about being anonymous about your charity, you know, not letting your left hand know what your right hand is doing as it were. Whatever we get involved with I’m not sure I’ll say much about it — you don’t need to know and I don’t need accolades.  But I do want to encourage you to find ways to be the light in the world.  It doesn’t matter of no one else draws attention to your light — as long as even one person doesn’t stumble because they no longer need to walk in darkness.

Let this be a NEW year for you. No resolutions — public or private.  No fanfare.  Find something that needs doing right where you are — and do it. Americans have always been a generous and giving people.  Let’s remember the best part about ourselves and continue a good tradition.

Thanks for stopping.  Happy new year to you.


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