Finally getting out and getting Serendipity ready to sell

PLQ floorplan

PLQ floorplan

We’ve been trying to get out in the fresh air to clean up Serendipity for sale for the last two weeks.  First the roads were wet and muddy — and why risk tracking in a bunch of soil into her when the goal is to clean her up?  Then we’ve had high winds and there’s no sense in stressing the slide toppers for no reason. Of course our anniversary and the holiday came in there too.

So, with Christmas behind us and no high winds in the forecast I’m looking forward to getting the coach finally cleaned up! Besides, today is Boxing Day — otherwise known as December 26.  No one wants to go to the mall to walk because the mall will be crammed with people returning gifts. So, it’s a good day to putter on projects around the house.

We put in a few hours today and I think we’re pretty well done with her now. All we need to is to find someone who feels like Ruth our next door neighbor who keeps looking at Serendipity and saying “She’s such a beautiful RV.”

Cooking with High Temperature

Yesterday I tried, for the second time, one of those high temperature roast recipes.  You may have seen the type,  Preheat the oven to 500º, put the hunk of meat in for a really short time (in this case just 5 minutes per pound), turn the oven OFF and leave it there for 2 hours.  When 2 hours have passed, take the meat out and eat it (after letting it rest outside the oven to redistribute the juices).

My first time trying this method was a couple years ago with a prime rib roast for a lot more people than just Peg and I.  That set of directions produced one of the best roasts I’ve ever made.  On Christmas we tried it again with eye of round — not the most tender piece of meat in the world but a nice lean cut without a lot of connective tissue. Once again the results were exceptional.

Christmas was a quiet day for us.  And with a simple recipe like that it was also a very easy meal to prepare for an elegant lunch/dinner. We missed having family with us, but that fault is on us and we blame nobody.  However we usually talk with Katy and family on the day but this year because they were in different surroundings with Drew’s family we had no idea when it would be convenient so we will wait till they get back home and chat with them then.  All that matters is hearing their voices.

Thanks for stopping. I’ll be here again tomorrow.  Why not stop and say hi!


























































































































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