When you are spontaneous and everyone else isn’t

Well, that didn’t go as planned.  I’m not exactly giving anyone the “evil eye” because I’m laughing too hard.  And I completely understand the reason this plan fell apart, but it’s still funny in an ironic sort of way.electric-avenue-closed

We have always been the spontaneous ones in the family.  Drove our parents nutz!  Growing up our daughter came to expect spontaneity too, but she loves to plan, so even though she CAN be spontaneous I’d not quite her nature in the same was as it is for us.

Melanie has been out of the daughter’s house for several years now.  Many of the holidays she has returned to Milwaukee but now with soon-to-be in-laws in Minnesota and 340+ miles between loved ones the trips to Milwaukee aren’t as frequent and obligations with the “other side” of the family take on equal proportions to those of one’s birth family.

architeck project and glasses on table

Time to get out the drawing board and craft some new plans!  Living in WAY-SOUTH-TEXAS is going to take some new ways of thinking for us.  

During our married life we have lived in Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin — always within 330 miles of immediate family and always picking one holiday or another to spend with one side of the family or another. Our parents felt a little frustration over that — not being with them all the time — but you get over it when your kid grows up and gets married and moves away.  Now is our turn to get over it, now that the kid is grown, and the grandkid is grown and both of them live 1500 miles away from us parents who decided to move south and away from them.

I thought that seeing as our anniversary is adjacent to Christmas maybe we’d take a quick drive North to see Katy over the holiday.  Clandestine contact with son-in-law Michael who is horrible about answering text messages and we find out that they are driving to Minneapolis to see Melanie!  So, they won’t be home for us to visit.  Minor disappointment; but we know what it’s like because we’ve been there.

Still, for the couple who are accustomed to surprising others, it’s wonderful to  be on the receiving end of the same kind of surprise we “inflicted” on our family so many years ago.  Life comes full circle.  I love it.  Yeah…. momma is a little disappointed, but as life changes we have to change along with it. And we will; and we are.

Thanks for stopping;  I’ll be here again tomorrow to chat.


5 thoughts on “When you are spontaneous and everyone else isn’t

  1. My mother used to complain that we didn’t visit her enough. I reminded her that she chose to move to Colorado; we were still in Minneapolis where she moved me when I was 15. Then she’d remind me that she went back to Illinois to visit her mother every year. Then I would remind her that she moved away from her mother; I didn’t. I didn’t like her trying to put the responsibility for her moves on me. Please, be careful about how you tell your family that you miss them. I missed my mother, too, but it wasn’t fair of her to ask Dave to spend his once a year vacation always visiting her.

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    1. Linda — We’re close enough that I’m pretty sure they will not feel any pressure because we moved away. Your points are valid but that’s not the kind of thing we’d do. We’re much more likely to go visit them as we’re more the travelers than they are. Good points though and I’ve known families where parents moving away have caused a lot of ill feelings. Always worth keeping in mind.


    1. I think there also needs to be a certain amount of “I don’t give a damn.” !!!! Not that one doesn’t care, but that one realizes the battle now belongs to another generation and it’s OK not to be leading the attack.
      But, you never know. With our nuclear-minded President we’ll be lucky if he doesn’t blow us all to kingdom come.

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      1. I’m living in the moment…though it’s hard not to think about the people who might most be affected in the future. 😦


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