Slightly Stunned

The days may fly quickly by, but don’t let that sensation fool you.  Deep down inside — at the human animal level — time really passes slowly because we are making new habits and nothing happens habitually, and nothing feels normal.  For the time being.

Time flies (whether or not you're having fun.)

Time flies (whether or not you’re having fun.)

Old habits change slowly. I’m sure you’ve heard that habits take something like 21 days to be normal, or automatic.  We moved from a mobile way of living to a more stationary one and our mobile way of thinking doesn’t quiet fit this stationary lifestyle.  Going the other way from stationary to mobile seemed much easier;  perhaps because we had been thinking about it for a longer time?

It’s good to give yourself time to adjust to life’s changes.  Which is what we’re doing now.  Nothing exciting happening.  The appointment book is clear of dates for another month.  We are doing nothing more than waiting to see discover what rhythm might become our new life.  Our sleep cycles are new, our activity levels are new, we’re cooking (and eating) differently; it really is a new life.

We sort of did this when we became full time RV’ers.  We didn’t force anything, we stayed in places for a couple weeks at at time and gradually a daily routine became apparent.  The transition to RV’ing seemed automatic — perhaps because we’d thought about doing it for a longer time.

Now we’re doing the same thing sort-of-in-reverse.  The routine we had before retiring wouldn’t work, and in many ways the RV routine isn’t appropriate either.  So, we’re sitting back and observing what the heck we are doing. Bottom line, this is going to be a different life and we aren’t going to try fitting it into an old mould. We aren’t even rushing to clean out Serendipity.  I’ve had two inquiries about selling her and I’ve stalled about answering because I haven’t taken time to work up a value at Kelly Blue Book.  I’ll get that done soon, and rest assured that we’ll post the listing here as well as on RVTRADER when the time comes.


On another subject, the road construction here at Palmdale RV Resort has begun.  We’ve been there once before; two years ago a contractor came in and started the job and left it incomplete — too much rain was cited as the excuse but who knows the real story.  However…. This year with new management — and a much more aggressive approach to getting the job done a different contractor has arrived and work has been begun.

We are told that it will be two weeks of prep work, followed by three days of paving, with 2 weeks off someplace in there for the Christmas/New Year holidays.  I’m pretty optimistic that’s what’s going to happen.

It’s typical that many of the winter arrivals show up right after the 1st of the year.  I’m curious to see how all this plays out with new arrivals and construction equipment.  I know it would have been “nicer” had the work been done before folks arrived for the winter but the permitting delay wasn’t resolved prior to the annexation of the park by the City of Los Fresnos, so I don’t think there’s anything Ted the owner could have done that he didn’t do.  All I care about is the job is getting done — and it looks like it’s getting done right.  

I’m going to stop there for today.  Thanks for coming by, and why not check in again tomorrow to see what we’re up to.


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