The Sweet Rest of the Exhausted

Remember all that stuff we got rid of before going full time in an RV.  Seems we’ve purchased some of it back!

We’ve been trying to be prudent about how much “stuff” to buy to get back to living in a house but there are these urges that are hard to control.  I’ll figure out how well we controlled them when I see this month’s credit card tab!  (¡¡Cringe!!)

But the bottom line is that we’ve been having a lot of fun; we’ve been exercising muscles we haven’t used for a while; and we go to bed each evening exhausted.  For some odd reason after hitting the sack late, I’m waking up earlier again.  3 a.m. seems to know my name too well and I hear it calling, “Peter…. Peter…. Peter….”  However, the good part is that I’m not almost 60 feet away from my sweetie when I begin banging on my keyboard and Peg doesn’t really realize I’m gone.

Speaking of which… I now have enough room to get out my keyboard and mouse and go back to full-sized touch typing.  I missed my keyboard!  Somehow typing on a laptop doesn’t afford the same tactile satisfaction.  Yes — I am having an affair with my keyboard!  img_4245-161209

Speaking of which… we once again have “real” Internet ( 😆🤔)  and after the install I did a speed check.  Considering the measly numbers we got with Verizon’s LTE it’s a dream to to have some speed again. I know, I know…. I’m just a speed freak!

I’m intentionally sticking close to home for a while.  First it was the moving, then resting up after the move, next we’ll be prepping the coach for sale and probably resting up after that.  We haven’t gone to the island (S. Padre is what we always mean when we say that) or any refuges or even any parks.  Right now we’re just nesting.  It feels good after 5 years to be in a place that feels permanent even if we don’t plan on spending the rest of our lives here. I guess after a while the need to move from one place to another just got tired.  Besides, the weather’s been kind of crummy lately.

Thanks for stopping and check in again tomorrow to see whether we’ve gotten any more ambitious! 😇😇😇



4 thoughts on “The Sweet Rest of the Exhausted

  1. We have 3 computers, one for each of us. Mine’s the laptop. I had trouble getting used to the flatness, but now I don’t think about it at all. I have a separate mouse because I don’t like the flat window “mouse” because it’s too slow. My husband just bought a new keyboard for his, but I don’t like it all. It’s all black with yellow edging – ugly; worse the keyboard is totally uncomfortable. I don’t spend much time on it except to play solitaire while I take my morning meds–30-60 mins depending on how lazy I am that morning!


    1. Computer preferences are fun, aren’t they! Our preferences can be as quirky as our personalities. Now that we are settling in a house I wonder if I might go back to a desktop at some point.
      Peg does not use a computer and I have 2 (at the moment) laptops. One is the one I used for the Silverleaf Engine Monitoring system, and the other is my apple MacBook. If someone wants to buy the PC I use for the Silverleaf then I’ll be down to just one. And my laptop is over three years old and by my standards it’s about time to update. Not sure what we’ll do, but I’m not in a hurry to buy anything right now. For now, I’m happy just getting used to having a real PLACE to call my own (meaning office space) instead of sharing part of the lounge or part of the bedroom/office. It’s taking time to sink in what this new life is going to be like!


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