Trapped in a Whirlwind

our new digs

our new digs

We’ve had the keys to the house for 32 hours and it’s been an absolute whirlwind!  Part of the windstorm is a wife with a new house.  Makes no difference if the house is a used mobile home, a woman’s nesting impulse is absolute!

Mind you…. I’m not complaining.  We’re both having fun and there’s nothing in the world that makes me happier than seeing Peggy happy! First steps along the way….

  • I ordered our broadband installation, the prior owners had the same ISP so installation won’t be very much — and now that we’ll be stationary I can cut back our Verizon contract to bare bones. They’ll be out on Thursday — until then I’ll use the park’s WiFi and my hotspot.  After being limited to LTE speeds I’m not sure what it’ll feel like to try 60mbs.
  • All those computer wires that I sorted out a couple weeks ago I pulled apart today! I never thought we’d be in the new place this soon. Ever….  The computers are in the house now — sitting in a box.
    I’ll get to reconnecting everything in a day or two. After refreshing my brain a couple weeks ago about what I was trying to accomplish, this time the network will come together more quickly. Except for the fact that I don’t currently have anything that looks like a desk and I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that.  I’m not really a “desk” person.  I’m more like a table/work surface person.
  • I’m looking forward to having a real office again and the convenience of having things easily accessible.  Everything fit in the coach but not always conveniently.
  • Hand tools in hand, the doors on the refrigerator now open towards the counters they service, instead of the wrong way around.
  • The living room has been reconfigured.  We need a couple pieces of furniture to finish out what was here when we bought it, but the living room feels like home already.
  • What isn’t organized is anything inside the cabinets.  Pantry items and cookware and dinnerware are helter-skelter.  We put anything in any cabinet without a plan — just so we could empty out the containers we used to carry items out of the coach and into the house — before refilling, emptying, refilling, and emptying, ad nauseaum. The good part is that we’ll have a goodly long time to sort things out.
  • Kathryn let us know she booked return tickets for early in February.  The plan is for her and Michael to drive down with as many of our belongings in their Sprinter van as possible and then Mike will drive back to Milwaukee while she hangs out with us for a few more days.  So, we’ll soon be reunited with the few things we left behind 5+ years ago.  Sometimes they seem like a few things — other times they seem like quite a lot.  Our (mutual) memory about what we still have in storage in Milwaukee is getting vague.

Bottom line, though, is that we’ve gotten a lot done in a few hours.  And we’ve had a lot of fun doing it.  I think we’re ahead of schedule — not that we had one, but I sort of thought that if we took it easy we’d have the coach emptied out by next Friday working just a couple hours a day.  (Still have to have time to enjoy life doncha know….)

Tomorrow — Monday — is the first residents’ meeting of the winter. Everyone is looking forward to an update on the roads — rumor has it that construction is soon to start. There’s more of a trickle of winter residents showing up.  Our last time here I was surprised to see that the park didn’t really “fill up” until after January 1 (as much as was the case last time when we were less than 50% full).   But, we get an arrival every day or two now, and after Christmas they’ll be coming in the gate more quickly.


weather cam from Sunday night in Milwaukee…. brrrrr…. snow!!!!! NO!!!!!

I’ve only ever had a garage for about 9 years in my life.  Most of the time I’ve been accustomed to parking in the elements.  With a carport here that is deep enough for 3 cars it’s such a novel situation to be able to unload the car in the rain without getting wet.  Funny how little things like that can make a big impression on you.

All of which is just life…  we’re doing the same things millions of others are doing at the same time.  Life isn’t complicated — there’s a certain unity to be found in acknowledging that our experience isn’t all that unusual;  others go through similar trials, decision, and adventures.

Ever since we took off on our RV adventure there was one thing I was sure of; we had to stay out on the road long enough that once we decided to get off the road we wouldn’t regret the decision a few years down the road.  I think we did that.  We had a blast and we knew when the time had come to stop.  No angst in the decision.  No suffering.  No precipitating moment.  It’s just time.

We’ll stay busy for a few more days unloading the coach.  Then we’ll have to get the coach spruced up and ready to sell.

Thanks for stopping by, and why not stop by tomorrow to see what’s up!



6 thoughts on “Trapped in a Whirlwind

    1. Indeed! That’s a much happier thought. The idea of having to plan ahead for re-shipping and never knowing where we might be in another month… That was getting to me. I don’t mind have 90 days of meds on hand, but there were times I had almost 180 days because of various snafu’s and snags.

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